Longtime podcast host David Geisler, of Another Zelda Podcast, recently sat down with Andy Spiteri and Alasyn Eletha, hosts of Zelda Dungeon’s own podcast, The Zelda Cast. The trio recorded the legendary collaboration this summer during the Zelda Dungeon Marathon.

Fans of Another Zelda Podcast love David Geisler’s unique approach to podcasting. Geisler prefers a more personal connection when recording, and when possible, insists on doing shows live and in person. He often reads fan mail during episodes and responds directly to listeners. AZP‘s style paired well with the back-and-forth debate and discussion style of Spiteri and Eletha; hopefully we’ll get more collaborations in the future!

For more from these shows, click here:  Another Zelda Podcast and The Zelda Cast.

Tell us what you think! What topics would you want covered in future collaborations between Another Zelda Podcast and The Zelda Cast? Share your reactions in the comments below.

Source: Another Zelda Podcast

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