Phantom Hourglass Big Plays
Find Freedle on Mercay Island to do Big Plays. They will get you battle points, and golden ship parts on Cannon Island.

Big Play List
Big Play Description

No Items Win without taking a single item.
No Dribble Win, but don't drop Force Gems outside bases or safe zones.
Limit Win a match, felling Link in the last 20 sec. of two turns.
Solo Defeat Link in any one turn using only one Phantom.
Break Break 10 or more of your opponent's helpful items.
Take Pick up 10 or more of your own helpful items.
Perfect Master Complete a Perfect and Limit at the same time.
Quick Win a match, felling Link in the first 20 sec. of two turns.
Miracle Win 1-0.
Get Everything Win, turning all the Force Gems your color.
Guardian Win without letting your opponent score any points.
Perfect Complete both the Get Everything and Guardian together.
No Miss Win without being taken down once as Link.
Guard King Take Link down three times as the Phantoms.
Master Complete a No Miss and Guardian at the same time.
Battle Master Complete a Limit and Master at the same time.