The Adventure of Link Codes
Use these codes on this page to make The Adventure of Link more fun or easier.

Code List

Game Genie CodesDescriptions
SZKGKXVKLink will have infinite lives.
PASKPLLALink will start with 1 life.
TASKPLLALink will start with 6 lives.
PASKPLLELink will start with 9 lives.
OYKEEVSA + NPKEOVVASwap Shield Spell for Fire Spell.
LYKEEVSA + VAKEOVVESwap Shield Spell for Spell Spell.
LZKEEVSA + OPKEOVVASwap Shield Spell for Fairy Spell.
IIKEEVSE + VAKEOVVESwap Shield Spell for Life Spell.
VTKEEVSA + OPKEOVVASwap Shield Spell for Thunder Spell.