Women of Legend: Sheik


The most important years of a young adults life is the teen years. Outgrowing the fantasies of childhood and accepting the true wonders of the world is an essential part of human experience. But there are those who don’t get to enjoy the transition. They are forced to focus on other, more important things. Through circumstances out of their control, they grow up too fast, and end up sacrificing their own childhoods for the sake of others. Such is the story of Sheik; born of exile, and raise in secrecy. Sheik’s mission in life was simple: to save the land she endangered. To right her wrong. Music and friends and self discovery were going to have to wait.

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Zelda Theory: Songs of the Undead

Sharp and Elder by ABlume
Sharp and Flat by ABlume

There are a few songs between Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask that some players don’t consider as much more than what they seem to be. The Sun’s Song is as it sounds; it changes night to day and vice versa, whereas The Song of Storms makes it rain and drains the well in Kakariko Village in order for our hero to continue on his journey to defeat Ganondorf. However, these songs and a couple others involving the spirits of the Zelda universe may have a deeper role than players have always initially thought. Make the jump to here VortexxyGaming’s theory on the true role of these otherwise seemingly meaningless Zelda tunes.

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Link Cosplay Accessories Available at Hot Topic

ht With Halloween just around the corner, Hot Topic has put a nearly complete Link costume up for order on its website. It has listed a The Legend of Zelda Costume which contains Link’s hat, tunic, belt, and chest strap for $34.50 plus shipping. And a Link Accessory Kit with Link’s hat and ears for $19.50 plus shipping. Additionally, it’s selling a 27 ” plastic Master Sword with a sheath for $19.50 plus shipping. And a 14 1/2″ by 19″ plastic Hylian Shield with wrist straps for $16.50 plus shipping.

Take a look at these invaluable cosplay accessories after the jump!

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Beedle’s Bazaar – Weekly Showcase Of Zelda Goodies

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 9.47.08 AMWelcome back to another installment of Beedle’s Bazaar! Where each week we show off three of the best Zelda inspired goodies we have found from all over the internet world. This week we have a little something to get your cosplaying aspirations going, a nice piece for any Zelda lovers wall, and even a little something just for the ladies.

Head past the jump to check out what we have found for you today!

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More Tri Force Heroes Gameplay Footage

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 10.54.53 AMYesterday we shared with you some gameplay footage from Polygon that showed off an entirely new area in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes called Snowball Ravine. Today, we have even more gameplay footage to share with you in three new videos from our friends over at GameXplain. The footage comes from some of their adventures playing Tri Force Heroes at Pax Prime 2015 going on now in Seattle. The videos show off the more of the latest area, Snowball Ravine including the Boss battle, and a little more footage from the Volcano area of the game. Warning, sensory overload might ensue as their is quite a bit of gameplay footage past that break!

Head past the jump to check them out.

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Gossip Stone: Which Was Link’s Coolest Transformation?

Hello everybody, and welcome to today’s edition of Gossip Stone! This time around, I want to talk about Link’s transformations throughout the series, three in particular. The three I’m talking about are the painting, the wolf and ALL the masks. These three transformations really added something special to their respective games, and they really got their time to shine in puzzles. There were some areas you could only reach by becoming a painting in A Link Between Worlds. You could use your enhanced sense of smell as a wolf to locate hidden objects in Twilight Princess. You had to use different masks in different areas to accomplish many tasks that would be impossible without them. So now that all that stuff is out of the way, let’s move on! Read more…

Tri Force Heroes Gameplay Footage Reveals New Area

IMG_2289 Gaming publication, Polygon, recently got a chance to play through some of the co-op Zelda 3DS title Tri Force Heroes set for release on October 22nd. In their session, the players traversed a snowy new area called “Snowball Ravine,” and ended with an icy boss battle. The video gives us a peek at a new parka that improves traction on ice, a fire weapon that shoots bouncing fireballs, and some familiar Zelda sound bites. The trio of Heroes also solve quite a few puzzles using both their new items and the totem mechanic.

Take a look at the Snowball Ravine after the jump!

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Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangement Of The Realm Overworld From Spirit Tracks

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 7.40.55 AMWe often share with you fan created videos and covers that have been inspired by various songs from the Zelda franchise, many tend to be centered around titles such as; The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, or Ocarina of Time. But today we have something a little bit different. Musician, Isac Saleh’s You Tube channel focuses on fingerstyle guitar arrangements of songs from many different gaming series’ including The Legend of Zelda. Today we have his most recently created arrangement to share with you based on the Realm Overworld theme in Spirit Tracks.

Head past the break to check it out.

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South Clock Town Made in Unreal Engine 4

UE4 South Clock Town If you thought the 3DS remake of Majora’s Mask was awesome then you should check out this fan version of South Clock Town made in Unreal Engine 4. An environment artist known on YouTube as Wesley Paquette doesn’t leave anything out when it comes to his rendition of the infamous Clock Tower and said monument’s surroundings. In fact, there is even more detail to be explored in Paquette’s Clock Town than in Nintendo’s original and remade versions. Would you like to take a virtual tour? Make the jump to see both the day life and night life of Paquette’s incredible design of South Clock Town!

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ZD Top 5 – Companions

hyrule-warriors-midnaLink’s journey can be tough, but it isn’t always lonely; Hyrule’s Heroes are often accompanied by a friend or two, more than willing to help along the way. In this week’s ZD Top, we had our staff choose their five favorite companions. From the talkative Midna to the oft-forgotten Spirit Zelda, a number of companions were represented. As always, feel free to leave your own list in the comments below.
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Zelda vs. Peach: Awesome Live-Action Battle

mqdefaultSuper Smash Bros., throughout it’s series history, has helped answered fans answer long debates with friends about which of their favorite Nintendo characters was tougher, but it seems YouTuber AndrewMFilms has taken a very different approach. Andrew has created a live-action fight video featuring Nintendo’s most famous princesses, Zelda and Peach, and the production value is quite high. Who will win?

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Could We See a Release Date for Zelda Wii U Soon?

the-legend-of-zelda-wii-uAccording to some speculation from the folks over on Master Herald we might be getting the release date to Zelda Wii U very soon. In their recent article they mention that due to the upcoming release of Triforce Heroes, Nintendo can begin focusing solely on Zelda Wii U and with the previous promise that the game will in fact be released on the Wii U and not a new console, then we should see a release date from Nintendo in the near future. The article also touches upon the ways the game might be seen negatively from fans. In that the mix of hype and constant delays might let fans down or only prepare them for disappointment when the game is eventually released.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

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Zelda Dungeon Exclusive: Interview With Heart Tracking App Creator

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.04.00 AMLast week we reported about a great little app available for iOS that would help you track all of those heart pieces within The Legend of Zelda series that needed acquiring, and those that you had already hunted down. The app keeps all the heart pieces available within each game separated by title and once you have selected a specific title, it will tell you exactly where each piece is hidden and what requirements if any are needed to secure said piece. Once your prize is in hand you can check off that you have secured it and move on to the next piece. Its a great way for you to remember which pieces you have already found and those that still need finding, and best of all its free! So far the app has been out for about two weeks and has received high praise but you may be wondering a few things. What made the developer create this app? Will it be available for Android? What else can you look forward to in the future from this developer? Now we have those answers, we had a chance to chat with David, the creator of the “Pieces of Heart” app to ask him those questions and a few more!

Head on past the break to find out what he said.

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The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” Remixed in A Link to the Past’s 16-Bit Style

hqdefaultBeing possibly the most famous band of all time, it is surprising that the greatest hits of The Beatles are not more prominently used on the internet for fun videos like this. larryinc64 on YouTube has recreated The Beatles “Eleanor Rigby” in a 16-bit style, modeled after the sounds of A Link to the Past, and it fits quite well.

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