Hyrule Warriors Reviews are Surfacing

Michael FreemanSeptember 18th, 2014 by Michael Freeman

hyrule_warriors_bannerDespite the fact that Hyrule Warriors doesn’t officially release until next Friday, it seems many reputable sites and publications were given review copies of the game and have been permitted to publish them early. Nintendo is really pushing the Hyrule Warriors hype train, but does it live up to its expectations?

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Hyrule Warriors Paid DLC Coming

SkyruleArcherSeptember 18th, 2014 by SkyruleArcher

Nintendo has just tweeted some new information about upcoming content for Hyrule Warriors for Nintendo Wii U.

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SpiritTracksScene1_thumbWe are getting close to the release of Super Smash Bros. on 3DS, and the official website has been updated with some music snippits from the 3DS version, including the music from the Spirit Tracks stage. There are also some hints as to what other Zelda music might be in the game.

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Hyrule Warriors’ Prima Guide Artwork

Liam OrthSeptember 18th, 2014 by Liam Orth

Link Close-UpHyrule Warriors is nearing release, and our Walkthrough is gaining new information everyday.  With fans already owning the installment in Japan, and with it being released in Australia this weekend, getting new info seems to never end.  Although, if an online Walkthrough isn’t your style, Prima Games is making the official Hyrule Warriors Prima Guide, and it looks absolutely stunning. You can check it out after the jump!
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TONS of Hyrule Warriors DLC Announcements

Mases HagopianSeptember 18th, 2014 by Mases Hagopian


Hyrule Warriors is just days away from its English release and today we have a massive amount of news regarding upcoming DLC for the game. At the Tokyo Game Show, Koie Tecmo announced three new playable characters, including Cia, Volga, and Wizzro, all of whom are enemies in Hyrule Warriors. We have full character artwork and screenshots available right after the jump.

Additionally, Koie Tecmo released all the information about the upcoming DLC packs. The Master Quest pack is set to release on October 16th, followed by a Twilight Princess pack in November, a Majora’s Mask pack in January, and a Ganon pack in February. Pricing and what is included in all these packages can be seen after the jump.

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Ganondorf_in_the_Hyrule_Warriors_E3_TrailerIn just about every Zelda game that we have seen, there seems to be some sort of world-changing incident that rips normal life from Hyrule’s citizens and confronts Link with a depressing situation. We have seen a variety of choices in the past, but it might be time for Nintendo to start mixing it up a bit.

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Villager Can Cancel Links Final Smash in Smash Bros.

Colonel-MajoraSeptember 17th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

5dc21ad2f23ae37dc7c66277ee28e4b851a0e908The Animal Crossing Villager seems to have a rather overpowered move in the new Super Smash Bros. Apparently his “pocketing” move, meant to store projectiles and throw them back later, can completely cancel Link’s, and potentially Toon Link’s, Final Smash. The short YouTube video displaying it speaks for itself.

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Super-Smash-Bros-3DSSuper Smash Bros. is always filled with tons of hidden unlockables and the new iteration for the 3DS and Wii U are no different. Thankfully, the folks over at Gamnesia have put together a complete guide for all the Super Smash Bros 3DS Unlockables that are found within the game. Fortunately most of the Zelda goodies are available right from the start, but I’ve compiled the list of some of the Zelda unlockables after the jump.

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Link is one of the most famous heros in gaming, and he has taken on so many iterations that he does not seem stale. Hyrule Warriors, though, seems to show that many other Zelda characters are a lot of fun to play as as well. Perhaps it is time for a new protagonist, or even just a spin-off featuring a familiar side character. Should there be a new hero featured in a future Zelda title? Join the discussion after the jump!

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zeldacdi The man behind The Faces of Evil, Wand of Gamalon, and Zelda’s Adventure discusses his work with these projects, and Nintendo’s say in the matter of them. Make the jump to find out about these long forgotten Zelda pieces!

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Gossip Stone: Is Hyrule Getting Stale As a Locale?

Colonel-MajoraSeptember 16th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

Hyrule is a classic kingdom that has gone down as one of the most memorable places in gaming history, in any one of its many iterations. Nowadays, it even has Hyrule Warriors named after it. As much fun as it is to revisit, though, is it time to move on to new and interesting places with different elements? Join the discussion after the jump!

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HThumbnailyrule Warriors has been a huge discussion topic amongst Zelda fans, with it being so close to it’s release date, with less than 3 weeks to go.  There’s been a lot of fan-art surfacing the internet as it starts to settle in to the Zelda community. DeviantArtist, AbyssWolf, took the liberty of taking Hyrule Warriors‘ characters, and transforming them into the gorgeous pixelated sprites AbyssWolf is known to make. Check it out after the jump!

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Hyrule Warriors English Commercial

Colonel-MajoraSeptember 16th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

Hyrule-Warriors-72Hyrule Warriors has been out in Japan for a month now, teasing us from afar, but ads for it are finally popping up in English. This little ad does not show off anything brand new, but it is still enough to get many of us hyped up for the upcoming English release.

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downloadThe Japanese version of Hyrule Warriors has only been updated once, so it is not surprising that more glitches exist, but this is just odd. A recently discovered bug lets fighters use the moves of other characters. It is not actually clear how the glitch happens, but some very entertaining outcomes have been posted online.

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ZUMany fans would argue whether there should be a remake of a Zelda game, or a brand new concept all together. The way things are headed currently, we’re seeing two brand new concepts for the Zelda series. Although, there are also fans itching to hear the announcement of Majora’s Mask 3D, or Majora’s Mask HD, while others want to see more footage of Zelda U.  We’re here to discuss which Zelda titles you’d prefer.

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