High Sales for Hyrule Warriors in UK Charts

BrookeSeptember 22nd, 2014 by Brooke

hyrule_warriors_nintendo_wii_u_game-wideThe highly anticipated hack and slash title has sold exceptionally well since its European release last Friday, charting number four in the GFK Chart-Track. As of today, Hyrule Warriors is currently the second game with the most sales in the UK, just behind Activision’s Destiny. This is a strong start for the first Western release of the game, ranking higher than Disney Infinity 2.0, but failing to surpass the popular title, Destiny.

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Link and DimitriHaving an animal companion with Link is a rather common theme in the Zelda games: while Epona is by far the most used and beloved of them all Link has had some different animals with him on his quest. In Skyward Sword he had his Loftwing, but in the Oracle games he was accompanied by three animal companions. These were met during the course of the games to traverse certain obstacles, and one of them could be recruited to become a full-on companion and accompany Link all over Labrynna and Holodrum. Dimitri, Ricky and Moosh all have their own special abilities and weaknesses, and whoever became your companion even changed how the world looked. But could they still work in a modern Zelda game? Read more after the break!
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Zeldamotion: A Link to the Past – Episode 1

Colonel-MajoraSeptember 21st, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

zeldamotion-01-600x373Zeldamotion, a group wishing to bring the A Link to the Past manga to life through animation, has finally revealed their first episode! Charming voice-acting and smooth visuals make this look like the whole series will turn out great.

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Zelda in her natural stateYou have a very important mission ahead of you… I will wait here. That’s what we princesses have always done. From what I understand, it’s kind of a family tradition.
- Princess Zelda (Spirit Tracks)

If it were to be told as a legend, The Legend of Zelda is pretty much always the tale of a princess in peril rescued by a brave hero in green who vanquishes evil and restores her to her rightful throne. A few times she’s kidnapped later into the game, and only once does she aid in her own rescue. But will Zelda Wii U do things differently, or will Zelda spend some more time trapped inside a crystal? Read on after the jump!
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Hyrule Warriors DLC Revealed in Europe

LukeSaturnSeptember 21st, 2014 by LukeSaturn

Suni Recently Zelda Dungeon has published a couple pieces about new Hyrule Warriors downloadable content. The information right now, however, is pretty vague—generally no names or specifics. Luckily, a recent tweet from Nintendo of Europe has given us some information, even if it may be specific to Europe only. It seems that three new villains from the game will eventually become playable characters as well. Hit the jump for more information.

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Zelda has over 25 years under its belt, and it has entertained people non-stop with its recurring styles made fresh with new elements coming about every new game. Yet, while the medieval atmosphere has remained the primary style throughout the series, certain different types of settings have come and gone. What are some of the more notable styles, and should any of them make another appearance in some part, or even the entirety, of a new game? Join the discussion after the jump!

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Best Under-used Items In The Zelda Franchise

Liam OrthSeptember 20th, 2014 by Liam Orth

lens of truth majora's maskFor my first editorial, I wanted to write about something that I definitely felt needed to be discussed, at one point or another. Zelda titles have always been known to have exciting adventures and many secrets hidden throughout the game. However, many would agree that the best part about them is exploring the dungeons or, of course, progressing through the story. Or perhaps, it’s finding the item that rests within said dungeons. Some of the most useful items used throughout the game are the typical Bow and Arrow, or Bombs, and even the Boomerang. There are, however, items that aren’t used as much as intended; items that are over-looked for the rest of the game. You might just say, “Items are items, they’re useful no matter what!” I, however, disagree. We’re going to take a minute to look at the under-used items of the Zelda Franchise and see how over-looked they really are.

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Screenshot_6Popular Nintendo advocate and Zelda fan Isaiah TriForce Johnson recently announced in an exclusive interview with Nintendo Life that he will be creating his own Youtube series called the Order of Time. The series is dedicated to expressing his very own alternative timeline theory.

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Hyrule Warriors: Dark Link Gameplay

Liam OrthSeptember 19th, 2014 by Liam Orth

Dark_Link_Being_Summoned_In_Hyrule_WarriorsHyrule Warriors is now out in Europe, it’s already been released in Japan, and it will be released tomorrow in Australia, but nevertheless, the DLC keeps coming. Yesterday, YouTuber Rif Raff published footage of Dark Link Gameplay in Hyrule Warriors, and Dark Link has never looked so good. You can check it out after the jump.

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ZUThere are several aspects that can make a game great. Two of the most important elements are the game’s mechanics and character development and the Legend of Zelda series has done a great job with the mechanics and it’s had some very notable characters. In the future should the Zelda games focus on the mechanics or the characters?

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imagesHyrule Warriors will soon get four great DLC packs, but buying them all seperately will be pricey. Thankfully, Nintendo has tweeted about their upcoming season pass, getting you all four packs cheaper, and offering a free Dark Link costume with it!

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Unboxing the Hyrule Warriors Special Edition

Kevin DoughtySeptember 19th, 2014 by Kevin Doughty

Hyrule-Warriors-BundleIt’s September 19th and you know what that means! It is the release day for Hyrule Warriors here in the UK, and this morning I went ahead and picked up the special edition that I had pre-ordered. Here I have a brief video where I’m unboxing the game and seeing what the long awaited scarf is like.

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Link joins the piratesAhoy! Today it be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, where we remember the Golden Age of Piracy along with our mateys over a good mug of grog and a fine shanty. But on this fine day I would like to take you salty dogs on tour of the fine lads and lasses who sail the seas of Hyrule and beyond in search of treasure to find, cherish and bury at a later time in a different spot (which incidentally be the reason they be called sea dogs). Appearing in no less than seven main games, they be quite common foes and allies in the Legend of Zelda, and arrr all described after the break!
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Hyrule Warriors Reviews are Surfacing

Michael FreemanSeptember 18th, 2014 by Michael Freeman

hyrule_warriors_bannerDespite the fact that Hyrule Warriors doesn’t officially release until next Friday, it seems many reputable sites and publications were given review copies of the game and have been permitted to publish them early. Nintendo is really pushing the Hyrule Warriors hype train, but does it live up to its expectations?

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Hyrule Warriors Paid DLC Coming

SkyruleArcherSeptember 18th, 2014 by SkyruleArcher

Nintendo has just tweeted some new information about upcoming content for Hyrule Warriors for Nintendo Wii U.

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