1000px-Kokiri_ForestFew Zelda games, or games in general, have made as big of an impact on the world of gaming as Ocarina of Time. While all of the areas in this game are memorable, intriguing and challenging, none are more important than Kokiri Forest. This wooded village might seem like a wonderful place in which to live, especially since the game sets it up to be nothing short of an in-game utopia. However, the personal fairies and the lack of any real responsibilities cannot change the fact that Kokiri Forest would be a horrible place in which to live, especially for the Kokiri. Hit the jump to find out why!

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NEOGDS-109921Nendoroid is a Japanese action figure company known for making miniature figures based on anime and occasionally a non-anime franchises. Some include Attack on Titan, Super Mario Bros., and even Iron Man. Now, announced last year, a Nendoroid figure based on The Wind Waker HD is available for pre-order!

Hit the jump to check out pictures of the figure along with the official description!
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Super Smash Wars 3: Return of the Hero – Part 1/2

Colonel-MajoraApril 12th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

UntitledOnce again, Link Skywaker is back to save the day in the latest episode of YouTuber James Farr’s awesome series- Super Smash Wars, a fast-paced Nintendo parody of Star Wars. This creative series manages to perfectly match Nintendo characters with those of Star Wars, and this episode is no different.

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UntitledA popular cover artist on YouTube by the name of supershigi has recently done a vocal cover of the Kakariko Village theme. The entire song is comprised of nothing but piano and several voice cuts, and she did a very good job.

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Zelda Dungeon One Man Mini-Marathon

MasesApril 12th, 2014 by Mases

EDIT: The Mini-Marathon has concluded and we raised over $2600. Thanks everybody!

You can view the full stream over at our Twitch Channel, as well as take part in the chat.

The one-man 21-hour mini marathon will begin at 6am US Central Time, lasting all the way until 3am the following day. We are raising money for the Galloping Ghost Arcade as part of their expansion fundraiser. Be sure to visit their website to find out some information about their arcade, as well as their massive expansion. We have a goal set of $2500, as well as a goal of playing the first five Legend of Zelda games through to completion, one after another. In order to reach our goals, we need your help. We have donation benchmarks that we must reach in order to keep me playing. Go ahead and make the jump to see the full listing of all the donation benchmarks.

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Starbomb – Best Zelda Rap Ever

DaveyApril 11th, 2014 by Davey

Star BombEgoraptor and friends have created a rap album and week-by-week are uploading videos to go along with the hilarious tunes. This week the Zelda song was up, and though it’s pretty crass, overall it’s absolutely hilarious. If you know Egoraptor already, the video series is similar to his usual style, but in catchy, hip-hop form.

Hit the jump to watch!

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As of this post, we are less than 28 hours away from the start of the mini-marathon! With that said, the donation widget is now live. Our goal at the mini-marathon is to raise $2500 for the Galloping Ghost Arcade. The marathon is set to last for an estimated 21-hours, but I will need your help in order to complete the marathon. Throughout the marathon, we will need to hit donation benchmarks in order for me to continue playing. With the widget now functional, we can get a head start on the initial donations. We have a minimum donation of $5, but larger donations are much appreciated. All money is going to the Galloping Ghost Arcade Fundraiser. Make the jump to check out the various donation-goal benchmarks.

An embed stream will be available here at Zelda Dungeon hours before the start of the marathon. Alternatively, you can watch our marathon directly at our Twitch Page.

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250px-Twins_(Ocarina_of_Time)Hello, Zelda fans. This week’s Collection Spotlight is unique because it shows off twin brothers, Max and Alex. Not only do they collect games, but they also make their own items and have Etsy shops where anyone can buy them. Hit the jump to see everything these twins have in possession!

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Two Days Away: One Man Mini-Marathon

MasesApril 10th, 2014 by Mases


A reminder that the One Man Mini-Marathon is set to begin on Saturday at 6am US Central Time. We will be raising money for the Galloping Ghost Arcade with a goal of reaching the $2500 donation mark. Throughout the event, I will be playing through the entirety of the Legend of Zelda, the Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, and Ocarina of Time. One man – five Zelda games – in 24-hours.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do it. Part of the thrill of this event is to see whether I can actually make it through to the end. Even more important to me is raising money for the expansion of the Galloping Ghost Arcade. I will need your help in accomplishing my goal. If you missed the earlier post, check out the initial announcement for information on the marathon. To find out how you can help, make the jump.

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UntitledNow that we have gone through the brand new features shown in the just-past Super Smash Bros. Direct, we can go through the updates on content that have already been shown through publications and Miiverse posts from Masahiro Sakurai. Again, keep in mind that Sakurai says that these features are subject to change before the final game is released.

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pOZuT3zThe newest Nintendo Direct has just been shown, and Masahiro Sakurai has blessed us with a lot of new and interesting content for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. on 3DS and Wii U, including release windows, online components, new modes, and of course, a whole load of Zelda series elements. Be aware that, as Sakurai states, any of this new content is subject to change before the final game. For now, we are taking a look at the brand new Zelda content.

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monopoly-mobile-logoNintendo has released prototype pictures of their upcoming Zelda-themed Monopoly game. They have also set the release date for August 21st, 2014. There have been no new details given on the actual content of the board game, but another Zelda product has been listed by the game’s distributor.

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SSWhile trying to find an art style for Zelda Wii U, Nintendo experimented with various art styles in HD, some of which were art styles that had been used for past Zelda titles. As you may know, The Wind Waker‘s visuals were found to have a significant improvement, leading to the production of The Wind Waker HD. Now, the people on YouTube channel Nintendo Life have done similarly by testing Skyward Sword‘s art style in HD, and have since prepared a video that demonstrates how an HD remake of Skyward Sword could look.

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Princess Zelda Pony Figurine

ParkerApril 7th, 2014 by Parker

Pony ZeldaThe pony invasion of the internet continues with this gorgeous “bronified” Princess Zelda figurine posted by the artist LadySatine2004 on her deviantART page. A testament to the creativity of the online brony subculture inspired by the Hasbro My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic animated series, the Zelda-themed pony creation can be seen in full after the jump.
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The Voidcast #4 – Controls, Too Many Choices

Colonel-MajoraApril 7th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

ZD Posting GraphicWelcome back to the the Voidcast! This month, I am going over what styles of controls were, are, and should be used for Zelda games. There’s plenty to go over, and current control options may not be the first to be recommended for future series entries.

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