Trailer Released for the Dark Wizard of Hyrule Warriors

Stephen ChristopherSeptember 30th, 2014 by Stephen Christopher

wizzroAlongside the other character trailers for Hyrule Warriors that are being released, it looks like we’ve also received a trailer featuring Wizzro and his dark magic. Check out how he massacres his enemies in the trailer after the jump!

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The Dragon Knight Joins the Fight!

Stephen ChristopherSeptember 30th, 2014 by Stephen Christopher

630xTo all of the Hyrule Warriors players out there, a new video has been released depicting the character Volga and his move set when playing as him. Hit the jump to see this scorching berserker in action!

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Hyrule Warriors Cia Gameplay Trailer

SkyruleArcherSeptember 30th, 2014 by SkyruleArcher

cia-2 Hyrule Warriors released this past Friday in North America. Five extra downloadable content packs have already been announced to be available soon. Among them a free pack including the three villains from the game, Cia, Volga, and Wizzro, making them playable. Nintendo has just posted a gameplay trailer for Cia on their Japanese YouTube channel.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer!

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Hyrule Warriors Master Quest DLC Details Revealed

Michael FreemanSeptember 30th, 2014 by Michael Freeman

zeldamusou_140929Recently, Nintendo and Koei Tecmo revealed that Epona will be a weapon for Link in the first pack of paid DLC for Hyrule Warriors. We’ve now received details for the rest of the pack, dubbed the “Master Quest” DLC, and what all it entails. In addition to that, Koei Tecmo was kind enough to include a trailer, which you can view here!

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Gossip Stone: Should There Be A Rated-M Zelda Game?

Colonel-MajoraSeptember 30th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

The apparent age groups targeted by each Zelda game seems to vary quite a bit throughout the series. Some are clearly meant for older people, while others take on a much more cheery and childish tone. While the latter style appears prodominant in the series, is it about time to up the maturity level and have a game meant only for older teens and adults? Or, should things stay as they are, and continue with the “E For Everyone” maturity level? Join the discussion after the jump!

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Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 4.04.01 PMNintendo’s latest New 3DS promotion not only stars Japanese singer and model Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, it also features a few fresh outfits for some familiar Nintendo characters including Link and Zelda; more or less inspired to match Kyary’s fashion. Rather than focusing on the core specs of the New 3DS, the advertisement carried out the idea of swapping New 3DS faceplates though an adorable endorsement. Hit the jump to see for yourself! Read more…

Fan Remake Ocarina of Time Entirely in 2D

Colonel-MajoraSeptember 30th, 2014 by Colonel-Majora

Logo_3Ocarina of Time 2D, a 2D remake of the N64 classic, is a fan-created game that now has a playable demo on its main website. Trailers for the remake are up on YouTube, and show off some interesting things. The way that Ocarina of Time‘s gameplay is recreated is interesting, considering the game looks quite a lot like A Link to the Past, but Ocarina of Time‘s game elements still seem very responsive in it. Hit the jump to check out a bunch of videos, and watch to the end of the last video for a very interesting little hint of things to come.

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A-Link-Between-Worlds-Box-ArtBest Buy is offering a recent sale for both A Link Between Worlds and Ocarina of Time 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. For a low price of $29.99 USD, you can now snag one of these two incredible games for a significantly reduced cost. GCU (Gamers Club Unlocked) members also receive an even better deal, so check out the details after the jump!

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Hyrule Warriors has not been out for very long, but people are already managing to unlock all of the playable characters, including those that are villains in the Zelda series, and they are apparently making for quite a good time. Should this be something that shows up in the main series? Should there be options, or even main story elements, allowing for players to control the villain? Join the discussion after the jump!

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Game Theory: Which Link is the most powerful?

Thomas JacobsSeptember 29th, 2014 by Thomas Jacobs

zeldaThroughout the history of the Zelda, series there have been many Links. With the addition of Hyrule Warriors we are now anywhere from 11 to 14, depending on if you count Young Link (Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask) and Adult Link (Ocarina of Time) as separate Links in addition to the non-canon Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros. incarnations. But with all of those heroes with all their different abilities, powers, and equipment, there must be one of them who stands head and shoulders above the others, right? Fortunately, Game Theory decided to tackle this difficult question in their latest video.

Watch the video after the break and see if you agree with their choice!

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Hyrule-Warriors-BundleAt the North America launch of Hyrule Warriors, fans showed just how far they were willing to go to get a copy of the limited edition version of the game exclusively released at the Nintendo World Store in New York.

Find out just how far after the jump.
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Wind Waker HD $40 on Amazon

Jessica CappsSeptember 28th, 2014 by Jessica Capps

bg-heroHoy, small fry! It’s almost been a year since the Wind Waker HD surfaced as a remake on the Wii U. For anyone still interested, you can purchase a new copy of the Wind Waker HD for $40 USD on Amazon as opposed paying the standard retail price of $50 USD. The cel-shaded Zelda game has been out for almost twelve years now, so if you have yet to play it or own it for the Wii U, now would be a good chance to save yourself a few rupees. You can read more after the jump. Read more…

Cuccos Highlighted In New Hyrule Warriors Trailer

Ethan HuntSeptember 27th, 2014 by Ethan Hunt

Screen-Shot-2014-09-25-at-3.21.18-PMThe infamous Cuccos have returned to wreak havoc upon those who step in their path, and Nintendo’s newest trailer reveals their abilities and agenda within Hyrule Warriors. Check out the trailer after the jump!

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Red RingRings make for handy magic items: they’re small, lightweight and are easy to carry in addition to your other magical gear. Finding magic rings in the Zelda games is always useful to either continue in the game, make Link tough enough to more easily survive the later dungeons or even give him a variety of bonuses. But they have only appeared in 2D games, with the last time being The Minish Cap. Perhaps it is time for them to make their return? Read more after the break!

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Thoughts on Ghirahim

Mark OlsonSeptember 26th, 2014 by Mark Olson

GhirahimThough it gets a lot of hate nowadays, Skyward Sword is by no means the worst that the Zelda series has to offer. Sure, the game was linear, sure, the overworld was about as interesting as your AP American Government class, and sure, the game was incredibly padded. However, there are a couple of redeeming qualities to the game. One that I find incredibly interesting is Ghirahim.

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