Many fans can agree that Zant from Twilight Princess is one of the more interesting characters in the game. The same can’t be said though for Master Kohga from Breath of the Wild however, as he is seen an absolute joke of a villain by a large group of players. As dissimilar as these two characters are, the Zelda fan theory we’re looking at today explains how these two bad guys are related in their own unique way.

A recent theory from NintendoBlackCrisis asserts that Zant from Twilight Princess is also Master Kohga from Breath of the Wild. The theorist first tackles the basic descriptions of each character, sharing about how both villains have similar abilities and traits to each other. Going deeper into his theory, NintendoBlackCrisis believes that Zant is actually a long-forgotten member of the Sheikah tribe. Based on information you find in Breath of the Wild, the beliefs of the Sheikah and Zant’s own clan appear to be alike.

Those who’ve played Twilight Princess know that the biggest problem with this theory is that Zant was killed by Midna during the course of the game, and the Twilight Mirror was shattered as well. This discrepancy leads NintendoBlackCrisis to slightly alter his theory, positing that if that if these two characters are not the same person, then they could possibly be related in a different way. Master Kohga could just be fighting Link to avenge his ancestor Zant, the same guy who praised Ganon as a god.

What do you think of this theory? Could Zant really be related in some way to Master Kohga? Let us know in the comments below!

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