The Zelda Dungeon Marathon is fast approaching. With such a short time left until we begin raising money for Extra Life, Gooey and Mases are here to give a preview of what is to come for this year. The Zelda Dungeon Marathon will run from July 14th through July 20th. The ZD team will be playing through all of the Zelda titles and a ton of the side games. ZD is supporting Extra Life and will be live streaming on Twitch.

Here are some of the highlights we have scheduled for this year’s Zelda Dungeon Marathon:

  • Skyward Sword Relay Race – 3 teams will play through Skyward Sword on Hero Mode.
  • Twilight Princess HD Rumble – New racers will enter into the fray at specific intervals until everyone is in the race. From there it’s a race to the finish!
  • The Minish Cap Elimination Mode – Racers will all begin at the same time, but will be eliminated at pre-determined intervals. The last two racers remaining play the game until the end.
  • Every mainline series of games will be raced.
  • The Wind Waker HD – Josh will be playing The Wind Waker HD in 3-heart Hero Mode.
  • Ocarina of Time 3D – 6 Player Race Finale. The most 3DS capture devices used at once in the universe (probably).
  • Triple Threat Puzzle Match – The Puzzle makes a return. Three teams will try their best to complete a Zelda-themed puzzle first.
  • World records to look out for: Tingle’s Rosey Rupee Land; Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition.

The Zelda Dungeon Marathon will start July 14th and will continue nonstop through July 20th. All money raised will be donated directly to Extra Life.

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