Zelda Artist Exposition: lulles

SuniHello everyone! This is Zelda Artist Exposition, an editorial series where I feature exceptional artists. In case you have not read these before, although I have done many of them, suggestions for artists are always welcome. The only criteria is that they need to have at least three Zelda-related pieces, and you need to think they are a fantastic artist. The goal of these posts is to spread the joy of art wherever possible and to expose artists to a larger audience. This week I am featuring one of my personal favorite artists, lulles.

SuniBefore you all rush to yell, “Lulles has already been featured here!” I am aware that her piece “Unbreakable Spirit” was featured here before. Lulles, herself, was not featured. The work was featured. I thought she deserved her own slot. This applies to any artists by the way. In the past I have gotten similar comments.

Lulles, whose real name is Luisa Rafidi, has been on deviantART for approximately two years. She has uploaded 117 deviations and has obtained over 70,000 pageviews and over 4,000 watchers.

Lulles has a very distinct style. Her works give off a kind of a concept art vibe. Not only do I find her facial and line structure techniques unique, her coloring is exquisite. Of the many things I love about her, lulles’s coloring may be my favorite. Her colors are incredibly vivid, and the pieces usually have a distinguishable tone and overall color. Although digital art, her work has a very personal touch and the style as a whole screams traditional art. The thin lines and textured coloring fooled me for a while into thinking it was done with pen and markers.

Below are three of probably her most notable works/my personal favorites.

 photo 1be78ebe-ac49-4538-8237-566eeb4a9519.jpg

 photo 1be78ebe-ac49-4538-8237-566eeb4a9519.jpg

 photo 1be78ebe-ac49-4538-8237-566eeb4a9519.jpg

Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. There are plenty more drawings in her gallery so check it out!

lulles’s deviantART page

Cropped “Final Day” by lulles
Cropped “Gants” by lulles
Duo” by lulles
I waited…” by lulles
Unbreakable Spirit” by lulles

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