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maxresdefaultEvery Zelda fan likes to see that a new game is coming (hopefully) soon(ish), and when Nintendo plays their cards right, their trailers can be second-to-none in getting a fan-base hyped for a new installment of their beloved series. On this week’s ZD Top 5, we had our staff count down their five favorites. As usual, feel free to leave your own lists down below.


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5. Robin Williams Ocarina of Time Ad
4. The Legend of Zelda Rap
3. Hyrule Warriors Reveal Trailer
2. A Link to the Past Japanese Ad (1991)
1. Twilight Princess E3 Trailer

Without a doubt, the Twilight Princess trailer from E3 is one of the most memorable moments from E3 history for me. Even though I had to wait a long time for the game to get released I would still watch the trailer from time to time counting down the days when I could play the game. The two more comedic trailers that I found to be the most enjoyable are the Link to the Past Japanese ad which had some great dancing and a general fun air about it. The second funny trailer is the Legend of Zelda rap which is well known by every Legend of Zelda fan. Naturally the Hyrule Warriors reveal ranks high on my list because of how much I like the game and the Robin Williams television spot with Zelda Williams is very touching.

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5. The Legend of Zelda Rap – 1986
4. Spirit Tracks TV Spot Trailer
3. A Link to the Past Trailer on Ocarina of Time Gamecube Disk
2. The Wind Waker Demo Trailer
1. Twilight Princess Demo Trailer

Considering the reveal of Twilight Princess’ first trailer was one of the loudest, most hyped moments in E3 history, I was close to choosing that original trailer, but the opening demo that I watched when I first turned on my game was just magical. The whole trailer not only shows off all the right parts of the game to let you know you’re in for a good time, but the music – OMG, THE MUSIC. I am a HUGE fan of well-places trailer music, and “Don’t Want You No More”, as the song is usually referred to, is just a phenomenally well-used song. The actions in the trailer are perfectly aligned with each part of the orchestral masterpiece. Truly a masterful way to introduce any new player to the game.

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5. Wind Waker HD launch trailer
4. Twilight Princess E3 reveal trailer
3. Robin Williams Ocarina of Time Advert
2. Zelda Wii U E3 reveal teaser
1. Skyward Sword E3 reveal trailer

The Skyward Sword E3 2011 trailer officially got the hype train going to breakneck speeds for that game in my mind, as it perfectly showcased everything awesome to come in Skyward Sword. Not only did it show the game’s beautiful painterly art style, but also the 1:1 motion control with the Master Sword that I loved, and the brand new beetle item. Also, the homage it paid to previous 3D Zelda titles at the start was awesome.

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5. Ocarina of Time HD E3 trailer
4. Hyrule Warriors reveal trailer
3. Robin Williams’ Ocarina of Time HD advertisement
2. Skyward Sword E3 reveal trailer
1. Zelda Wii U Tech Demo

The Wii U Tech Demo is still one of the most beloved bits of animated Zelda out there, and fans still clamour for a game that looks just like it. The Skyward Sword reveal trailer meanwhile was very triumphant and upbeat, setting the tone for the game rather well. Robin Williams, who sadly left us earlier this year, was such a big Zelda fan he named his daughter after the princess. That’s about as big of a fan as you can get. When I first saw the Hyrule Warriors trailer I was rather confused, but the trailer showed off a good mix of story and gameplay (which is rare in first trailers!) more than make up for it. “Willst thou soar, or willst thou suck?” Pretty harsh language to get from a Nintendo trailer, but the awesome chanting makes up for it.

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5. Skyward Sword Launch Trailer
4. Wind Waker HD Launch Trailer
3. Robin Williams Ocarina of Time 3D Ad
2. Skyward Sword E3 Reveal
1. Twilight Princess Demo Trailer

The Twilight Princess E3 Trailer was legendary, holding the record for one of the loudest and most significant reactions at an E3 reveal. I’ll have to agree with Jon, however, that the opening sequence is one of the most remarkable and well-made cinematic trailers in the entire series. It illustrates the story wonderfully, accompanied by a STUNNING orchestral theme. This trailer is truly a masterpiece that will hold a special place in my heart. The others were chosen primarily for hype reasons; although the original trailers from years ago have nostalgic purpose, I enjoyed the exhibition of new controls and gameplay to kick off the excitement of the next installment.

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