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14_Ganon06_LargeIn all of the Zelda series, one villain rules them all: Ganon. This petrifying and pig-like foe has made an appearance in some form or another in nine main-series Zelda games, and there are few things more satisfying than poking him full of holes after a long and intense quest. In this week’s ZD Top, we had our writers recount their favorite showdowns with Ganon in his various forms.

Alexis Anderson – View Profile

5. Twilight Princess
4. A Link to the Past
3. The Wind Waker
2. Ocarina of Time
1. Four Swords Adventures

I’ll bet no one expected Four Swords Adventures to make this list, but it being my first Zelda game it was also my first tussle with the Prince of Darkness. I do love the gameplay elements that come with controlling four Links, so using different formations was fun in that battle. It was also cool to recognize the blue pig in gaming media after the fact, as he shows up a lot more than you’d think. And between you and me, his fight was a shocker; having already defeated Shadow Link and Vaati, his surprise appearance was all the more dumbfounding when I was young.

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5. Ocarina of Time
4. A Link to the Past
3. The Wind Waker
2. Twilight Princess
1. A Link Between Worlds

I feel like it is kind of sad that every one of these final fights required some sort of final move to beat Ganondorf (Final Blow, silver arrow, parry attack, etc.), and ALL of them stumped me when I first played them. Yup. I had a rather frustrating time trying to deal the final blow to ALL of them, because I didn’t realize what I was supposed to do. I’m so smart. Anyway, A Link Between Worlds, if you consider Yuga Ganon a “Ganon Battle” like I do, gave us a phenomenal final fight. The action, the speed, the fantastic music, and of course, the sweet visuals all worked great, and topped off a fantastic throwback to classic top-down Zelda gameplay. Again, the last move of having to shoot a Light Arrow in the opposite direction went totally over my head, but still, 9.9/10 score for this awesome battle.

Kevin O’Rourke – View Profile

5. Four Swords Adventures
4. Twilight Princess
3. Link to the Past
2. Windwaker
1. Ocarina of Time

The most classic and memorable Ganon/Ganondorf fight for me was in Ocarina of Time, the first Legend of Zelda game I played and completed. Beating Ganon and stabbing him in the head was an epic moment that was also replicated in The Wind Waker and both battles created a sense of finality and provided a great conclusion to Link’s quest. Of note, the Link to the Past Gan(n)on fight was extremely challenging and hearkens back to horror movie mythology by using silver arrows to defeat Gan(n)on. Rounding out the rest of my list is Twilight Princess which had several different stages to the fight, and chasing Ganondorf across Hyrule Field was the most memorable. Four Swords Adventures also had a great Ganon fight which utilized the ability to have four Link’s culminate in a great final battle.

Alasyn Eletha – View Profile

5. A Link Between Worlds
4. Link to the Past
3. Ocarina of Time
2. Twilight Princess
1. The Wind Waker

Between Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker, I feel that the Ganondorf’s from these two days have the most history and backstory and therefore the player was able to better understand their motives in taking over Hyrule. Ganondorf’s desire to bring back what once was a magnificent realm in The Wind Waker is almost sad and melancholic. He doesn’t even care about the new world above the sea, all he wants is his home. Having that slight ‘sympathy for the devil’ feeling while fighting Wind Waker Ganondorf is what made that battle one of my favorites.

Ethan Hunt – View Profile

5. A Link to the Past
4. The Legend of Zelda
3. A Link Between Worlds
2. Ocarina of Time
1. The Wind Waker

The Wind Waker battle against Ganondorf is the standout ‘Final Battle’ to me in the Zelda franchise. You’re facing off against what feels like a long time enemy, an incarnation of Ganondorf that is not as naive as his former self in Ocarina of Time, one that has become wiser and respects Link’s ability. Also, the way in which you defeat him is the coolest thing ever.

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