That’s right, episode 3 of the Countdown is now available for your viewing pleasure. This time I discuss my most annoying enemies in the Zelda series. This list was fun to make, and I know there are easily some additional enemies that could have made this list. Head on past the break to see the list of honorable mentions.

Keese: To be honest, Keese were on the list, but I decided to remove them because you could kill them with just about any item in your inventory. The elemental keese (fire/ice) are annoying because they tend to hit you at the worst of times (on ladder/pushing block).

Wallmasters / Floormasters: If there really was a number 11 for the list, this would be it. I pushed them down the list because they are relatively predictable. They show their shadow before they drop, and drop tons of rupees when defeated in Ocarina of Time.

Miniblins: They have an annoying sound about them, but that’s about it. Link’s sister could defeat these sad excuses for enemies.

Next time I’ll go over my top 10 Operation Moonfall arguments (for and against). Let me know in the comments below with your best argument for or against Operation Moonfall. I’ll use some of the best comments in the next episode!

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