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An article was posted up on Destructoid talking about the ten most difficult dungeons in the Zelda series. In it the author talks about why these particular ten make the list, one of which happens to be the infamous Water Dungeon from Ocarina of Time. But unlike most others who would put this particular dungeon at the very top of their list he gives it the number nine slot in the listing. Here’s what he had to say about it….

That’s right, episode 3 of the Countdown is now available for your viewing pleasure. This time I discuss my most annoying enemies in the Zelda series. This list was fun to make, and I know there are easily some additional enemies that could have made this list. Head on past the break to see the list of honorable mentions.

So here it is, guys, the last Curiosity Shop before E3! Next week’s going to be one hell of a party, expect some big things! Until then, I’ll try to keep you satiated with some discussion videos. The questions and their timestamps are: (00:30) – You said you wanted less dungeons, but what if the dungeons were done well? (01:15) – What do you think is the hardest game in the series? (02:18) – Do you think Midna will be…