The world of high fashion is strange and ever evolving. Multiple times a year, designers fill global runways with the craziest and most imaginative outfits ever conceived. And not a single one of them is practical or comfortable. The Legend of Zelda definitely has its fair share of crazy outfits, and Tri-Force Heroes did a wonderful job of creating wacky clothes for Link. The Gachaman inspired suit is easily the best one, but I’ve always been a sucker for nods towards the Super Sentai franchise.

Link isn’t the only character to don outfits that would give most fashion designers a run for their money. The Tingle brothers’ spandex love, Malo’s weird pant deal, Ravio’s daring choices, Saria’s all green turtleneck but shorts combo—the list goes on. But for every outlandishly dressed character, there are plenty more who look downright comfortable and would totally pass in real life. For example, let’s admire Beedle’s sweet 90’s inspired jean shorts and crop top number from Breath of the Wild. It just screams “ready for a music festival.” How about Pura’s adorable, fashionable, and semi-practical research ensemble? It’s perfect for a springtime outing with friends!

Which character’s outfit would you proudly sport in daily life? Are you in love with Kina’s pumpkin-themed dress and shrug? Are you secretly wishing to show up to your 9-5 decked out as the most loyal characters, the Hylian Royal Guard? Or maybe you’d rather be one with nature and go the Korok route? Let us know in the comments!

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