tpp2 Recent statements from Nintendo have suggested that Zelda Wii U was significantly influenced by Twilight Princess, and with many of us having recently played its HD remake, we thought it was a good time to consider what features from that cherished game we would want in Zelda Wii U. From its realistic graphics, to its interesting sidequests, memorable supporting characters, varied modes of exploration, and unique temples, Twilight Princess is a game that if tastefully emulated could certainly benefit Zelda Wii U’s development. So this week the Zelda Dungeon staff gives its thoughts on which elements from Twilight Princess should turn-up in Zelda Wii U, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

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Aside from its obvious ability to create a very impressive and foreboding atmosphere, there is something Twilight Princess did regarding its storytelling that Zelda Wii U could really learn from. Something I wrote about not too long ago is Twilight Princess’ ability to motivate players in ways that many past Zelda titles have not. Staying immersed in a grand adventure is something all Zelda games strive for – as they should – but there is something to be said about taking the occasional break from all the travelling and dungeon crawling to do a compulsory sidequest or two, for the sake of going back and helping the people you’ve met along the way. Without some quests like this every now and then, the adventure slowly becomes less of a “save the world” type of deal, and more of a chore, as you grow more detached from the world and the people in it. Twilight Princess makes a point of returning to help all the important people you meet, bringing you even closer to them, and reminding you of all that is at stake. Zelda Wii U, as an open-world game, should have loads of people all across the country to meet and interact with, and while there are sure to be plenty of side-quests involving them, there should be parts of the main quest expressly meant to bring Link back to them, letting the player reestablish their various relationships.

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Obviously we’re going to have a huge world to roam in Zelda Wii U, so I do hope that lots of hidden caves and grottos are strewn throughout the way they are in Twilight Princess. I liked the large array of unique items we got in that game as well, so hopefully we’ll see that again. I liked the themed temples, but perhaps items should be readily available from the beginning similar to in A Link Between Worlds just so the world can all be explored at once– unlike in Twilight Princess where certain secrets couldn’t be found without the use of an item found much later in the game. I loved the way Midna was incorporated into Twilight Princess, so to have a companion be deeply intertwined with the plot I’d welcome again. Oh, and the quasi-realistic graphics are also a cherished feature I’d like to see reappear.

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One of the most interesting things about Twilight Princess was the interaction with the titular princess. The interactions between Midna and Link created a sense of closeness between the two protagonists that is not often seen in other games. Only The Minish Cap and Spirit Tracks made Ezlo and Zelda main characters to the extent Midna was. From what we’ve seen from Zelda Wii U Link doesn’t have a companion who fits this bill. Unless Epona got a lot more verbose, but I doubt that’ll be the case. But it doesn’t have to be a full-on companion that travels with him: a powerful cast-driven story with funny, sweet, awesome, tragic or just memorable characters will do a lot to brighten up the story of a game and make it more human, more relatable than the same old big scary Ganondorf trying to destroy Hyrule.

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One of the things that I praise Twilight Princess for most frequently is the context the game brings to its dungeons. Just about each one has a purpose beyond its basic aesthetic. Considering that subsequent entries have mostly abandoned the concept, I hope that, for Zelda Wii U, the developers examine what made Twilight Princess’ dungeons so special. I’d love to see some more character growth from the supporting cast, too. Midna is still my favorite Zelda character, thanks in no small part to how her relationship with Link develops throughout the game. In a series like Zelda, that sort of evolution is arguably more difficult to pull off for non-companion characters, though Groose and Tetra have proven that it’s definitely possible.

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One of the things that I really liked about Twilight Princess was the way the world seemed different when Link was a wolf than when he was human. There were extra things hidden around Hyrule that you had to be in either one form or another in order to find them, and there were even some places that you had to puzzle and change between the two forms to figure out. I’m not saying that Zelda Wii U needs to incorporate Link’s ability to change forms, but maybe something along the lines of seeing the open world one way and then discovering that it’s completely different later on with new things to discover and new tasks to accomplish. Maybe at that point the player has a new ability or item to see all the things that were missed before. That would make the game a little more mysterious and maybe even longer to enjoy.

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