The Nintendo 3DS has shaped up to be the home of the next few Zelda titles, with Tri Force Heroes and Hyrule Warriors: Legends coming soon to the platform. There are surely many fans eagerly looking to get their hands on these titles, as well as those who remain skeptical until they see the final products. The interest in these games are apparent as, according to last week’s 3DS eShop charts, the E3 trailer for Tri Force Heroes was the number 1 most watched video, with the trailer for Hyrule Warriors: Legends sitting nicely at the number 5 spot.

The Tri Force Heroes trailer was a surprise showing at this year’s E3. Displaying new cooperative gameplay and a silly emphasis on costumes, the game generated a lot of curiosity amongst fans. With equal amounts of excitement and skepticism surrounding Tri Force Heroes, high fan-interest in the game undoubtedly contributed to the trailer’s high view count on the eShop. Tri Force Heroes is set for release this fall.

After leaking on YouTube a few days before E3, the Hyrule Warriors: Legends trailer was expected to be shown during Nintendo’s digital event. Despite its early reveal, many fans seem to have still watched the trailer in anticipation. The game is set for release early 2016.

Other trailers within the eShop’s top 5 most watched videos were the Super Mario Maker E3 trailer, the Strechmo trailer, and the Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon E3 trailer.

Have you watched either of these Zelda trailers on the eShop? Are you excited to see these 3DS games released? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo 3DS (via Nintendo Everything)

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