As previously announced in June of this year, amiibo depicting Zelda and Ganondorf from Tears of the Kingdom will hit the shelves soon. The September Nintendo Direct that aired this morning officially narrowed down the vague “Holiday 2023” release to a set date of November 3rd.

It has been confirmed that these amiibo will unlock the following special Paraglider fabrics in Tears of the Kingdom, which was previously indicated in a datamine.

Several months ago, Nintendo’s press site stated the following about these amiibo:

“New amiibo figures of Zelda and Ganondorf are planned for release holiday 2023. A vast number of players are currently exploring Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and this journey can be enhanced by scanning select amiibo figures to unlock valuable in-game items, as well as special fabric for the paraglider, to help Link in his adventure.”

A price has not yet been set for these functional figures, but based on the cost of the Tears of the Kingdom Link amiibo, the price for each will likely be around $40.00 USD.

The Tears of the Kingdom Zelda and Ganondorf amiibo will release on November 3rd. Although pre-orders are not yet available, it’s exciting to anticipate being able to finally get our hands on these.

What do you think? Will you pick these up? Are you excited to install these fabrics via the Hateno dye shop? What other materials do you think the amiibo will unlock? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo Direct, NintendoUK

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