Breath of the Wild has no shortage of places to explore, each with their own nooks and crannies, art and inspiration, giving the kingdom of Hyrule the impression of being a vast, ever-thriving land, despite the challenges of history. But where did they all come from? When were they all built?

Zelda theorist Macintyre has taken to the Zelda timeline, connecting points in history with notable locations on Breath of the Wild‘s map. He begins with prehistoric times — that is, the time before Hylia herself — moves through ancient times and the years before the first Calamity, dives into the 10,000-year period between Calamity appearances, and finally ends by examining the most recent ruins. Through looking at architecture, art, and development, he theorizes each landmark’s origin and significance. He even notes some interesting connections to a few real-life architectural inspirations, such as those found in Rito Village.

Without an exact placement in the timeline for Breath of the Wild, I find this video fascinating as it brings up a few thoughts and connections in my mind that I had not ever really considered before. Specifically, I found interesting his ideas behind Lurelin Village and its potential architectural decisions for protection against Guardians.

What do you think? Did the video bring up any notable points for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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