Kat Vadam

Copy Editor, Social Media Manager

Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Favorite Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Date Joined: April 2018

No situation is so overwhelming that action is pointless.

Hello! My name’s Kat, and I am the writer and stupidity extraordinaire behind “On the Quest for 100,” a harrowing tale all about getting 100% in Breath of the Wild. I also have my name attached to several other things, including Fan Fiction Friday, a scattering of random Daily Debates, several editorials and interviews, and anything else shiny. I also post random things to the ZD Instagram.

By day, I enjoy cooking and hanging out with my cats. But by night… I tend to enjoy sitting on my couch writing, reading a good book, playing the next Zelda title on my list, or watching an unhealthy amount of Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth content.

I have been writing for over twenty years now. I got started at the age of ten, when I first tried my hand at poetry. I was terrible at it. But it was fun, and thought provoking, and I knew I was not ready to give up completely. I kept at poetry for a little longer before I decided to try something different. I moved on to shorter-form fiction, and with my first story, everything just broke loose. Since then, I have found my passion lies in storytelling with emotion, quick jokes, and lots and lots of fantasy or science-fiction elements.

Until recently, I would have said Ocarina of Time in a heartbeat… even though it has taken me a shamefully long amount of time to actually get through it (hey, the Water Temple made me mad). That game truly solidified my love for the series and provided me with a storyline that my overactive imagination could run with. It challenged me in a way that both irritated me and drove me to keep going, and dang it, I loved it. Plus, the music… oh, man.

However, after I was loaned a Switch and Breath of the Wild, I forgot what it was like to have free time. I adore open worlds and exploration, with the ability to just immerse myself completely and take the time discovering all that a game has to offer. Hence, “On the Quest for 100.”

So, honestly, while Ocarina of Time has historically been my favorite, Breath of the Wild is my current favorite.

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