Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Tag: Marimba

The marimba guys are back! This time around they have covered Twilight Princess’  “Hyrule Field Theme” and it is a stellar performance once again. Mart0zz uploads videos on his channel—All Legend of Zelda related—on the uncommon instrument marimba, along with other percussion combinations. Hit the jump to take a look!

To coincide with Jordan’s Flute Boy’s Meadow this week, we have for you on Windmill Hut not one, not two, but four different versions of Tal Tal Heights. This popular tune from the end of Link’s Awakening has been covered in varying ways to different effects, but none seem to diverge too far from the intentions of the original theme- to make the player feel excited and accomplished at the same time. Hit the jump to listen!

Well it must be that time of the week again!  On today’s Windmill Hut, we take a look at some awesome recreations of Zelda musical numbers on the marimba!  Unfortunately, today’s feature musician MartOzz hasn’t been active in the past seven months, but his videos are still pretty amazing so lets have ourselves a blast from the past, shall we?  Also, as usual, I fully recommend that you go check out his YouTube channel because there is a lot more…

There are endless fan covers of Zelda music on YouTube alone, and a good portion of them show off the awesome talent of the creator. Mart0zz and his friends have arranged another cover on the marimba (with other assorted instruments), this one being the Dark World music from A Link to the Past. The fruit on the marimba and the forest setting in the background give it a nice touch, even if I doubt that they’re in an actual forest….

Our music spotlight this week focuses on a few videos by Mart0zz. The video being featured is a marimba arrangement of Tal Tal Heights from Link’s Awakening. Check it out! If you like this, you should check out some of their other videos. Gerudo Valley Song of Time Saria’s Song/Lost Woods Song of Storms I had a hard time choosing which song to use. They are all so good so I just used them all! What do you guys think?…