Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.11.54 AMThe marimba guys are back! This time around they have covered Twilight Princess’  “Hyrule Field Theme” and it is a stellar performance once again. Mart0zz uploads videos on his channel—All Legend of Zelda related—on the uncommon instrument marimba, along with other percussion combinations.

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Viewers appreciate Mart0zz’s videos because they are unique; marimba is not an instrument you see doing covers on YouTube quite often. This user has a wide variety of other Legend of Zelda songs such as “Dark World”, “Tal Tal Heights”, and the main theme. “The Hyrule Field Theme” from Twilight Princess is a personal favorite of mine and Nintendo took a very different approach at an overworld theme.

You can check out Mart0zz’s full channel here for more songs from the Zelda series!

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