Another Monday, another weekly music feature from Flute Boy’s Meadow here at Zelda Dungeon!

This week, I bring you not one but three musicians. Hailing from Denmark and Germany, this trio specializes in the marimba as well as a handy amount of other percussion instruments and more. Their unique choice of instruments makes their Zelda covers stand out as something quite different. Take the jump to have a look!

These guys have been putting marimba covers of Zelda music on YouTube under the account Mart0zz for a few years now and their works are all impressive. Below you can find some of my favorites from their Zelda covers, but keep in mind that they occasionally throw swear words into their videos and video descriptions so some viewer discretion is advised.

First there is their cover of the Dark World Theme from A Link to the Past. I feel this is one of the better examples of their work as it shows their emphasis and skill with the marimba. They go beyond simply recreating the track on a new instrument; they actually reorganize the music into their own blend. The subtle additions of the triangle, snare, and french horn throughout the song compliment their marimba beautifully. Have a look:

Mart0zz’s style always seems to hold steady, though. Most of their covers are rousing renditions of upbeat Zelda songs, and I must say there is nothing wrong with that. The trio’s usual formula tends to involve a quiet, marimba-only opening followed by a gradual crescendo. From there they begin to add samples of other instruments, mostly percussion, until they reach a rousing and beautiful blend. And man, does it work out well!

Another great example of their works is their cover of Zelda’s Main Theme. It exemplifies their style wonderfully, with great ups and downs in the tune that really personify the feeling of Zelda’s music. You can see their Main Theme cover below:

Well, that should do it for today’s edition of Flute Boy’s Meadow! If you liked Mart0zz’s music, be sure to check out their channel for more covers and give them some support on Facebook as well. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments as well, and tune in next Monday for our next Flute Boy’s Meadow. See you then!

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