Well it must be that time of the week again!  On today’s Windmill Hut, we take a look at some awesome recreations of Zelda musical numbers on the marimba!  Unfortunately, today’s feature musician MartOzz hasn’t been active in the past seven months, but his videos are still pretty amazing so lets have ourselves a blast from the past, shall we?  Also, as usual, I fully recommend that you go check out his YouTube channel because there is a lot more musical content on there than you’ll be listening to today.  That being said, I’ve picked out my two personal favorites from his video selection and I think you’ll enjoy them quite a lot.

Jump inside for some great marimba music!

The first feature song I have for you today is the “Gerudo Valley Theme” from Ocarina of Time:

The “Gerudo Valley Theme” from Ocarina of Time is my favorite musical piece in the entire Zelda franchise, so whenever I see a top-notch remake of the tune I tend to enjoy it quite a bit.  This cover is no exception, and I really liked listening to the tangy nature of the marimba playing such a great song.  That being said, I did feel like the tune started to get a little less “up-beat” towards the end of the video, but it’s nothing major.

Up next we have the “Dark World Theme” from A Link To The Past:

This is my personal favorite!  I’ve always liked the “Dark World Theme” and I consider it to be among the best Zelda musical numbers, and this cover truly captures the beautiful sound the original created.  I also really enjoyed hearing the other instruments that joined in later in the video, and it made me wish that some of the other tunes had that addition as well.

I really liked listening to Zelda music recreated on the marimba, and I think the two work really well with each other, but I do have a couple complaints.  First of all, a few of the songs lost some of their charm after the first three minutes or so, but I can understand that it might be difficult to keep an up-beat tempo for that long.  Also, the sound quality of the videos wasn’t the best, and sometimes I couldn’t even hear the music playing while on a high volume.  But, as usual, these complaints are (for the most part) very minor and didn’t take away from the experience enough to make it un-enjoyable.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Windmill Hut!  If you enjoyed this weeks videos, be sure to go check out some more fantastic marimba madness over on MartOzz’s YouTube channel!  And if you feel like it, be sure to subscribe because you never know if the channel will become active again.  As for my final thoughts, I have to say that while I didn’t enjoy these musician’s work nearly as much as last week’s feature artist, I still enjoyed listening these fantastic covers quite a lot.  But I want to know what you think!  Did you like this week’s music, or do you think that marimba shouldn’t be integrated with Zelda tunes?  Tell us in the comments below!  Also, if you have an artist that does great recreations of Zelda musical pieces that you’d like to be featured on a future Windmill Hut, be sure to leave a comment because it would be greatly appreciated!

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