Majoras-Mask-Limited-Edition-Skull-Kid-Figurine Disconcerting news for fans who still haven’t been able to pre-order their limited edition Majora’s Mask 3D bundles, Fry’s Electronics has confirmed that they will not be offering pre-orders of the special edition. It is unclear whether they will sell the limited edition bundle at launch, but pre-orders are definitely not happening.

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Nintendo had originally said that the special edition would be available for pre-order exclusively at GameStop, Amazon, and Fry’s Electronics. But this proved not to be true when Best Buy started selling pre-orders. This announcement from Fry’s Electronics proves Nintendo’s original claim to once again be inaccurate. Unfortunately, pre-orders at GameStop, Amazon, and Best Buy are sold out. But there’s still hope that another retailer will up and start allowing pre-orders.

Source: Twitter

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