Ocarina Time #10: Deku Palace Theme

Hello Zelda Dungeoners! As promised a couple weeks previous, Ocarina Time is back! With a new camera, new ocarina, and four more months of practice under my belt, I am here once again to teach you awesome and exciting Zelda song favorites on the ocarina. This week, I teach a rendition of the “Deku Palace Theme” from Majora’s Mask. Jump in and listen!

As a disclaimer, Ocarina Time tutorial videos are for only 12 hole ocarinas.

There are a few elements which I have thought about adding in to the videos, such as finger tabs and saying note names, and I have decided to work on adding in only the former in the near future. I figure saying the note names would be too tedious to do during the actual videos, which are already lengthy, and I want to make it my goal to shorten future videos while maintaining their effectiveness. As for finger tabs, those seem feasible, though I think I would need to make them myself, so we shall see.

As the series progresses, I will surely learn more and more about video editing, so to add intros and the like, but those are not important right now. What is important is for you to tell me which songs you would like to learn in future videos! I already have an idea in mind for the next couple weeks, but I can be persuaded otherwise if songs are suggested by multiple people.

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What did you think of this week’s Ocarina Time? Was it helpful in learning the song? Which Zelda songs would you like to see taught in future Ocarina Time videos? Comment and let me know!

As always, I’m Alexander—thanks for watching Ocarina Time guys.

(Clue for next week’s song: Prayer)

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