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Now here is a type of craft you do not see much. Kat and Cam of Our Nerd Home have created a tutorial on how to make a fireplace pin-up of The Legend of Zelda’s 8-bit fire sprites. The whole craft apparently only cost $2 to do, so I highly recommend anyone with a non-working fireplace to try this. It sure looks great. Hit the jump for a bunch of pictures from, and a link to, the tutorial!

Have you ever pondered making your own creations to show your love of the Legend of Zelda series? Do you envy the work of your favorite artists and wished you could create similar works of art? With the help of this fan made tutorial, you can receive a guided start, and some practice making these three Legend of Zelda charms…

Ever wanted to create a Zelda-themed prop? If you have the materials, now you can. Imgur user CuteMonster walks us through the process of making a Majora’s Mask replica, with pictures as well as text.

First things first, CuteMonster sizes up the mask to his face using an image editing program and a simple printer. He traced a blueprint of the mask using Inkscape, then made a basic mask mold shaped like a heart out of monster clay…

YouTuber and craftsman HappyAtom is at it again with another Legend of Zelda tutorial. Previously on his channel he has made wood craft tutorials for other Legend of Zelda items such as Link’s Bombs (Ocarina of Time model), a Wooden Shield (inspired by the Hylian Shield), and Link’s Wooden Sword along with a scabbard (inspired by The Wind Waker). This time around, HappyAtom has made a very detailed video for how to recreate the Master Sword. Take a look at…

Do you enjoy DIY projects and tutorial videos? Have you ever found yourself wanting to know how to make your very own LED Triforce? YouTuber Mist8k posts videos all about science, DIY, and interesting tricks and illusions. His latest video teaches viewers in detail how to make their own Triforce LED light with only a few easily obtainable tools and materials. Hit the jump and check it out!

Hello Zelda Dungeoners! As promised last week, this week’s Ocarina Time is on the “Stone Tower Temple Theme” from Majora’s Mask. Jump on in to learn more ocarina goodness!

Hello Zelda Dungeoners! This week’s Ocarina Time is for none other than the “Ballad of the Wind Fish” from Link’s Awakening. Jump on in to learn more ocarina goodness!

Hello Zelda Dungeoners! This week’s Ocarina Time is for… Well, it is going to be late. But I have an explanation! Jump on in to see why.

Hello Zelda Dungeoners! This week’s ocarina tutorial is for the “Molgera Battle Theme” from Wind Waker. Jump on in to learn more ocarina goodness!

Hello Zelda Dungeoners! Finals are over and Ocarina Time is back in full swing! This week’s song is the Bremen Mask March from Majora’s Mask. Jump in and learn how to make dogs and chicks follow you!