Many have criticized Breath of the Wild for being more of a concept game rather than a plot-driven adventure like past Zelda games, with some describing the open world as an empty shell rather than a dynamic place. Whether that critique is fair or not, modder Waikuteru has used that “empty shell” to bring back some of the series’ most iconic places. The modder recently dropped two new projects, adding Skyward Sword’s legendary Sandship and Ocarina of Time’s fabled Lon Lon Ranch to Breath of the Wild.

The Skyward Sword dungeon can be fully explored as it sits in the open expanse of Breath of the Wild’s Gerudo Desert. Not everything is exactly as it appears in the original game, as Waikuteru has made a few gorgeous upgrades and the ship itself is a climbable landscape feature rather than a functioning dungeon. Witnessing the splendor of the Sandship mod will leave you pining away for a Skyward Sword HD for the Switch.

Waikuteru’s Lon Lon Ranch mod also drips with nostalgia, as the ranch contains everything from milk bottles, to the classic race track, to that sweet music reverberating all the way from your childhood. Waikuteru places Lon Lon Ranch in Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule Field, which is true to the original and also fitting given the location of the “Ranch Ruins” in the 2017 title.

Waikuteru previously modded Skyward Sword’s Skyview Temple into Breath of the Wild. You can support their work and get early access to mods like Lon Lon Ranch on Patreon here.

What do you think of these new mods? What other classic locations would you like to see brought to life in Breath of the Wild? Let us know in the comments section.

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