A sense of dread. A sense of remorse and sadness. A sense of strength and a desire for vengeance for the havoc wrought on a land and people so loved. These are the feelings we get when we, the players, finally make our way to Hyrule Castle in Breath of the Wild, and this is in no short part due to the music we hear as we break the bounds of the gate. It’s time for that final battle.

What a beautiful role music can play in a game’s story, telling tales with beats and strings. Someone who knows this very well is composer and arranger Ben Emberley, known in part for his role in arranging the 2017 Skyward Sword Symphonic Movement for Symphony of the Goddesses. A mere few of his other works include “The Creation of Hyrule,” “Zelda Fantasia,” and “A Vision of Fi.” Needless to say, Mr. Emberley is no stranger to the beauty of Zelda music.

In his most recent project, Mr. Emberley has tackled Hyrule Castle himself, bringing us a mysterious, powerful medley of music from the malice-drowned halls of a once-noble castle. Through music and screen, he tells the story of the rise and fall of Calamity Ganon. As Mr. Emberley puts it himself:

“The arrangement here is just the [Breath of the Wild] Hyrule Castle music, but as the piece progresses, the relationship between Ganon and Hyrule Castle becomes intertwined… represented by Hyrule Castle’s and Ganon’s themes played simultaneously. Ultimately, Zelda and Link triumph over Ganon, bringing the piece to a triumphant conclusion.”

Mr. Emberley has also revealed to Zelda Dungeon that he plans to release an album of Zelda arrangements, titled Hylian Meditations. The album will include a collection of different Zelda pieces, including this Hyrule Castle medley. Keep your eyes peeled and ears ready!

Be sure to listen to Emberley’s Hyrule Castle arrangement here, and give a listen to all of his other musical arrangements from Zelda and several other games on his YouTube channel. Then check out his Facebook, Twitter, website, and, if you’re so inclined, Patreon.

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Source: Ben Emberley

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