Our great friends over at Glitterberri have been hard at work for weeks dissecting every page of the Hyrule Historia and translating it to English for us. They have been doing an incredible job and because of their hard work, we have learned some incredible info on the Zelda series that would otherwise remain a mystery for sometime.

One of the more recent facts dug up out of the depths of this wonderful book is the mystery of the Ocean King’s World. When dealing with games like this that take place in alternative worlds, it is hard to know exactly how they are all connected. Yhanks to Glitterberri, we are able to shed just a little more light on this mystery. Jump inside for the quote from Glitterberri and my thoughts on the matter.

The Tragedy of the World of the Ocean King

Since the waters watched over by the Ocean King were rich with life force, a source of power, the evil phantom Bellum targeted them in order to absorb that force. The spirits of power and wisdom were sealed, but the spirit of courage and the Ocean King were able to escape to an island using alter egos.

This is a different world from the one Tetra and her friends live in, but the crests of the three great goddesses of Hyrule can be found in the Temple of the Ocean King. Because of that, it’s very likely that the World of the Ocean King was created by the same goddesses.”

The word is still out whether Oshus, the Wind Fish, and Levias are the same being, however, it seems unlikely now that Oshus is Levias or The Wind Fish as his existence remained purely in the Realm of the Ocean King and the fact that Oshus was water bound because he was an actual whale and cannot fly.

I don’t know if we can take this as a sign that it was officially created by the Goddesses or not. If we remember back with Termina and the Stone Tower Temple, we can clearly find an upside down Triforce underneath the tongue of a statue. I would like to think that all the worlds were created by the same Goddesses, but at the moment I am a bit skeptical. Like Termina and Koholint Island, the Ocean King’s World is definitely a surreal one. The ending of the game also leaves us a little more confused, but seeing Linebeck’s ship again definately leaves us with some reassurance.

Links Awakening, Majora’s Mask, and Phantom Hourglass all leave us questioning if exactly what happened was even real, if the places we just visited were real, or in fact just an illusion. Having these little connections really help out with understanding the missing gaps between the worlds. How do you think this effects the relationship between the different worlds? Can we really believe the Ocean King’s world and others are connected just by images of the Triforce and other similarities? What is the key connection between them all?

For more translations of Hyrule Historia and a deeper look into what it has to say about Phantom Hourglass, please visit Glitterberri’s official site.

Source: Glitterberri VIA Zelda Universe

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