I’m back again with another new release from Casper, also known as CSGuitar89. He released his full length Zelda tribute album, Hymns of Light And Shadows several weeks ago. His intentions with this album was to have a full length album that lasted atleast an hour. He successfully met his goal when he finally released it with a full track list of 18 songs ranging from many different Zelda games and even gave the fans a chance to come up with their own title and cover for the album.

Since the release of the album, Casper has been releasing one video a week for each song on the album. Last weeks video was a relaxing version of Aryll’s Theme and next week’s will be a very heavy version of Goron City. This week however, the featured video is a melodic cover of Outset Island. Check out the video after the jump to listen to it for yourself.

All of the tracks on the album sound amazing, but this one is definitely one of my favorite Zelda covers I have heard. I find it to be a calm melodic song to just relax and enjoy. Hearing the Kokiri Forest theme in the middle of the song just makes it even better by bringing memories of OoT with it. Let me know your thoughts on the song though. Which has been your favorite so far?

Source: Casper’s Youtube
Source: Official Website

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