How to Make Navi Cake Pops

unnamed Navi has always been a very cute fairy, but has anyone wondered whether Navi could also be delicious? Blogger Geek Girl Fi recently saw Navi’s dessert potential and created Navi cake pops. She explains the steps she took to make the cake pops and Navi’s design, as well as shows progress pictures in her DIY video. Whether you’re into baking, making artistic things with frosting, or just really want a chance to bite Navi’s nagging head off, these Navi cake pops will be a fun and tasty afternoon project.

Materials you’ll need: Cake, frosting, cake pop molds, melted chocolate, gum paste, royal icing, blue glitter, sprinkles, and sugar pearls. More descriptive directions and pictures can be found on Geek Girl Fi’s blog.

This cute and geeky treat is a relatively easy way to feed that nerdy Hylian within you, and maybe get some of those residual Ocarina of Time frustrations out on Navi. What do you think of Geek Girl Fi’s creation? Will you try to make some of your own Navi cake pops at home? Is there anything you would do differently to personalize or improve upon the design? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Youtube