Choque_espadas_Link_y_Ganondorf_TPThroughout the Zelda series, we’ve seen Link duke it out with Ganondorf on several occasions- each fight with its own means of strategy and mechanics. However, there are a couple that I would like to show off, as they are -no doubt- a couple of my favorite boss fights in video games. But of course, that led me to also wanting to hear about your opinions- so after I’m done showing these fights to you guys, I’d love to hear what your favorite fights are, right after the jump! (Some Spoilers Ahead?)

Multiple games have great Ganon/Ganondorf fights, and I know that Ocarina of Time is arguably the best. However, I do have a couple others that are personal favorites: Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. Both with a heaping pile of swordplay involved, the Ganondorf fights in these two games are extraordinary. With the Wind Waker, the fights start with the three stages of Puppet Ganon. There’s the ‘Puppet’ Puppet Ganon, the ‘Spider’ Puppet Ganon, and it ends with the ‘Snake’ Puppet Ganon. Each phase consisting with using the Light Arrows to shoot the blow orb attached to the back of every puppet’s form. Afterwards, you’ll go head-to-head with Ganondorf as the final fight of the game; and my lord, is the swordplay glorious. I can personally vouch for that, too. If you’d like to give the full fight (including Puppet Ganon) a look, you can check it out below!

Next, we have the Twilight Princess Ganon/Ganondorf. This fight begins with Puppet Zelda, which plays very similarly to Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time. Basically, you have to play Tennis with Zelda (was extremely tempted to make a Zelda/Serena Williams pun right there). Afterwards, you must fight Dark Beast Ganon. This form allows you to fight Ganon as either Link or Wolf Link. Link must shoot an arrow into the gem in Ganon’s head, whereas Wolf Link must grab him by the head and throw him to the ground. Either way, it ends with you stabbing/biting him in the stomach. There’s then a Horseback Fight with Ganondorf, with Zelda on the back of your horse (not particularly “Epona’, but close enough). Zelda has to shoot Ganondorf with Light Arrows, while you have to get close enough for her to do so- once hit, you must get to Ganondorf’s side (or anywhere close) and just hack n’ slash him until he’s down- rinse and repeat. Finally, the Swordfight with Ganondorf is the absolute best. It’s as simple as it sounds, it’s a swordfight with Ganondorf- but it’s the most epic fight of them all. There’s not too much I can explain about this one, so just like the Wind Waker fight(s) I’ll leave a video of all phases below!

So with those detailed and seen, that covers my bases. I am still looking forward to hearing your opinions too, so please, feel free to drop your favorite fight(s) by while you’re here- even if it isn’t a Ganon/Ganondorf fight!  And while I’m at it, I’ll ask one more time as we’re nearing its release- with all the recent news and screenshots for Triforce Heroes, who’s excited for the game’s release?  I’ve pre-ordered mine already.  Albeit I’m not terribly excited, I am excited to some degree!  What about you guys?  Drop your opinions down by sounding off in the comments!

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