Spirit-Tracks-TrainIn most games of the franchise, Link is always found rescuing Princess Zelda (in one way or another). But in Spirit Tracks, Zelda is known to be your companion- in spiritual form. With Princess Zelda as your ghostly companion, making your way through the Tower of Spirits is possible due to her ability to possess Phantom’s patrolling each floor. But other than her main mechanics, the fact she’s your companion throughout the game was something that had never been done before- but if there was a chance, would you like to see it happen again? I’ll be talking a bit more about this further on, so don’t hesitate to hit the jump!

Throughout Spirit Tracks, Zelda is found aiding Link in his journey to restore Zelda’s spirit to her body, and stop Chancellor Cole from summoning the Demon King; Malladus. This starts when Link attempts to escape Hyrule Castle with Zelda due to a request given to him. After making it out of the castle, they moved to Link’s train- ending with them crashing thanks to disappearing tracks. From here, Chancellor Cole attacks Zelda and takes her body in hopes to summon Malladus, unbeknownst of Zelda’s spirit escaping back to Hyrule Castle. Once in Hyrule Castle once more, Link meets with Zelda again- though Link seems to be the only one who can see her. They make their way to the Tower of Spirits soon after, in which their journey begins.

Now, I haven’t played Spirit Tracks in a long while (though I bought it again just recently), but I remember liking it more than Phantom Hourglass. Having Zelda as my companion made the game feel unique, rather than having a a brand new companion (even though there’s nothing wrong with that either). From a personal perspective, I’d love to see Zelda and Link journey together again in a future installment, but I’m a bit skeptical on how it’d work if they tried to branch out and base it around an entirely new idea. However -I will not lie- it’d certainly be intriguing.


What do you think? Would you like to see Princess Zelda and Link go on an adventure together in a future installment, or do you prefer one of Link’s many other companions? Or perhaps, would you like to see a game coming from the perspective of the princess herself? Let us know in the comments!

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