zdL16czZelda games have been known (and have been confused) by the fact that Princess Zelda is not actually the main character. For every installment (except for the dreaded CD-i games), Link has always been the main protaganist of the Zelda franchise. But what if that changed someday…? We’re here to talk about exactly that. Should Nintendo make Princess Zelda the protagonist of another Zelda title? Or, if they did, would it fail? You can find out after the jump.


The Legend of Zelda has always made Link the main protagonist of the franchise, but what if he was swapped out for Princess Zelda? More respectively, what if she wasn’t a Princess, but a mere adventurer? Or Link had nothing to do with the main plot? One Zelda game has gone down a similar road before, and that was a certain CD-i game titled ‘Zelda’s Adventure’. And in all honesty, it didn’t do too well. At all. So that’s what we’re here to discuss. What if Nintendo made their own take on Zelda being the protagonist? It’d certainly be an interesting concept. If Link weren’t in the game, and Zelda really was the main protagonist, the whole game’s style and tradition would change. Who knows? It could be fun, but it could also turn out to be yet another mess…


What do you think? Should Nintendo give it another shot? Or should they just forget about it, and stick with traditional Zelda games? Would you buy it if they did, or no? And most importantly, do you think they’d succeed? Let us know in the comments below!

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