An interesting cover of the “Gerudo Valley Theme” from Ocarina of Time has been created by YouTube user distorm. Instead of using instruments for the song, it is done in acapella. The video itself is very… busy. Decked out in wigs, sombreros and fake mustaches, the creators of the video, Max and Sam, dance around while they sing. If you’d like to watch this amusing cover of the classic, check it out after the jump.

I thought the cover was odd, to say the least. Not many people can pull of doing an acapella version of an instrumental song, but Max and Sam did a decent job at it. I have to say, the mustaches made the video for me, though the eyebrows were a little frightening. If I had a mustache, it would look like theirs.

What’d you think? Are there any other songs you think would be cool to see an acapella version of? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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