While in Paris recently, the great man himself Shigeru Miyamoto sat down for an interview with French game journalists Gamekult to talk shop about Nintendo franchises. As always the topic turned to The Legend of Zelda; during their interview, Miyamoto gave some insight to the creation of Link’s character and the development team’s inspirations for his design. What he revealed is something many people have debated over in the past, and Did You Know Gaming even summarized the revelation in another of their signature images. Jump inside to see!

So, how about that? The comparisons and confusion have been going on for two and a half decades now, and it turns out they were all true: Link really is based on Peter Pan! Honestly, it does not surprise me too much to find that Miyamoto is such a fan of Disney; it really shows in how light-hearted yet powerful many of his games are.

The correlations between the pair are incredibly uncanny, too. You have the Lost Boys versus the Kokiri, Pan’s shadow and Dark Link, Tinkerbell and Navi, and of course the green clothing… it really is not a terribly difficult comparison to make. Again, I don’t find this revelation terribly surprising, though it is interesting to think that one of my favorite characters of all time was so strongly influenced by Peter Pan himself. I actually had a rough time convincing people I wasn’t Pan when I dressed as Link for Halloween one year…

How about you guys? Do any of you find this surprising, or did you expect something like this? Which shared feature of the characters do you think Link improves on the most? Are there other features about Peter Pan that you would like to see reflected in Link? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Did You Know Gaming