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VG Facts is at it again! With the help of YouTuber Jimmy Whetzel, their popular show, Easter Egg Hunting, tackles the Zelda series – specifically, The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link. There are loads and loads of well-known Easter eggs in the series, but VG Facts takes pride in showing us something new – something we didn’t know before – so expect to learn some cool stuff. Also, this is only part one of the Zelda Easter…

The guys over at Did You Know Gaming have covered many Zelda games, as well as other aspects of the franchise, over the years. In one of their more recent videos they look into The Wind Waker featuring the one and only PeanutButterGamer. See the video after the jump.  

Did You Know Gaming has once again graced us with some little-known Zelda knowledge, in their new episode about fan-favorite Twilight Princess. This video, featuring JonTron, has some neat points of interest, so if you are one who wants to know absolutely everything about Zelda games, don’t miss out! Hit the jump for the full episode!

The folks over at Did You Know Gaming have released another Zelda themed video, this time delving into some of the most interesting facts about the music in the series. Gaming Youtuber SpaceHamster provides the voice for this particular episode, and it mentions plenty of great music trivia, from the original planned song for The Legend of Zelda to Koji Kondo’s endeavour for an orchestral score in Twilight Princess. Make the jump to check out the video!

The series Did You Know Gaming takes a look at famous games from the days of yore, digs up factoids that are not commonly known to the fans and shares them with the viewers, all to the voiceover of a YouTube gaming personality. For their video on Majora’s Mask they asked the help of Yungtown. Majora’s Mask is, because of its bizarre story and recursive nature, one of the most analyzed games in the Zelda series. If you want to…

DidYouKnowGaming is a website focused on making tons of informational video content surrounding little-known trivia in video games; they’ve made hundreds of videos about different game series and gaming consoles, and constantly update their site with small facts about games in general.

They’ve just made a new video about the Zelda series, featuring YouTuber PeanutButterGamer, that gives us an incredible amount of info about the series: I had no idea that Skyward Sword made references to the movie Titanic, or that…

Being nearly thirty years old, The Legend of Zelda has a massive amount of development time gone into its many games. While some of these ideas have been developed into core aspects of the series some are merely artefacts left in the code, animations that never got used or ideas that were used in the beta but were never used in the final product. Did You Know Gaming once again takes a look at the series and uncovers a fair…

While Majora’s Mask itself is a game shrouded in enough mystery as is, it would seem there are more truths to uncover within the game’s data. According to Did You Know Gaming, a code found in the game suggests that Skull Kid was originally intended to wear three other masks. Hit the jump for Did You Know Gaming’s report.

Those of you familiar with Did You Know Gaming and their occasional tidbits from Legend of Zelda series on YouTube might have noticed that it’s been a little over a year since their last Zelda video. Along with their compilation of new tidbits that you may or may not have known, the video also features a narration from YouTuber, JonTron. Hit the jump to watch the video!

Activate your trivia mode. There’s a 99% chance you’ll find this episode of “Did You Know Gaming?” interesting.

DYKG teams up with our lord and savior JonTron for this episode. The six minute video tackles the development cycle of remake to new game across the Zelda series. The team also unscrambles some of the gibberish spoken by Chuchus and Midna. We even get a look into Eiji Aonuma’s marriage. What a juicy scoop, eh?

Check out the video inside!