Did You Know Gaming: Twilight Princess

maxresdefaultDid You Know Gaming has once again graced us with some little-known Zelda knowledge, in their new episode about fan-favorite Twilight Princess. This video, featuring JonTron, has some neat points of interest, so if you are one who wants to know absolutely everything about Zelda games, don’t miss out!

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One of my favorite points is how Nintendo did not want to make Link “too cool”, for the sake of making fictional actions and expressions feel more natural. That sounds ridiculous, but I kind of like the concept. What fun is there in having a “perfect” hero? Quirks are good. I also liked the idea of Miyamoto having his team go horseback riding to learn how to make riding Epona as realistic as possible. That is a sign of true dedication.

Did you learn much from this video? What game should the next Zelda-related DYKG video be about? Drop a comment!

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