400329-skull_kidWhile Majora’s Mask itself is a game shrouded in enough mystery as is, it would seem there are more truths to uncover within the game’s data. According to Did You Know Gaming, a code found in the game suggests that Skull Kid was originally intended to wear three other masks. Hit the jump for Did You Know Gaming’s report.



Skull Kid had already proved to be an avid troublemaker while wearing Majora’s Mask, just imagine how much more juvenile he could be with the possession of three other masks. Whether those three masks possess the power to do good or bad, or if they are anything like the corrupting Majora’s Mask is unknown. Questions aside, this leaves plenty of room for what could have potentially changed the game’s plot and more. Have any idea what three masks abilities have been? How different do you think Majora’s Mask might be if they were included? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Did You Know Gaming

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