Deep Dream Moon The series Did You Know Gaming takes a look at famous games from the days of yore, digs up factoids that are not commonly known to the fans and shares them with the viewers, all to the voiceover of a YouTube gaming personality. For their video on Majora’s Mask they asked the help of Yungtown. Majora’s Mask is, because of its bizarre story and recursive nature, one of the most analyzed games in the Zelda series.

If you want to know what the original face of the moon looked like, why the developers didn’t go with the initial idea of a 7 day cycle, among other things you possibly do not know about the game, watch the video after the break!

This is not the first time that Did You Know Gaming has done a video on The Legend of Zelda: it produced a five-part series with facts about several of the series’ games that was voiced by JonTron and PeanutButterGamer. The first part of which can be found here.

Did you learn anything new about Majora’s Mask or its development from this video? Did they perhaps miss a thing or two? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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