A-Link-Between-Worlds-Scene-Art-5 As we get closer and closer to the release of A Link Between Worlds, more and more sites are getting their hands on review copies of the game. Reviews have been nothing but good, with Game Informer going so far as to give it a 10/10! Well, I’ve got news for you, Destructoid is here to kill that streak. Just kidding!

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Here’s what Chris Carter of Destructoid said:

“One of the chief complaints I’ve heard from non-Zelda fans over the years is that ‘the intro area is too long and isn’t fun to play.’ And you know what? They’re often right. Twilight Princess’ goat wrangling mini-game that goes on for eons and Skyward Sword’s movie-length Skyloft sequence immediately come to mind, but those aren’t the only problems in those games. They also gate off a ton of areas and content, making it less of an ‘adventure’ and more of a series of ‘levels.’

“A Link Between Worlds does away with all of that by throwing you into the fold in a little under five minutes, tasking you with an interactive intro dungeon to get your feet wet. Instead of mingling with your childhood friends for 45 minutes and using hawks and fishing rods to run errands, you’re basically put right in the thick of things. It’s a design change that not only keeps things exciting the first time around, but more bearable for repeated playthroughs (and Hero Mode, which is included in Between Worlds).”

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Personally, the news that A Link Between Worlds truly does live up to its promises only makes me more excited to play it. Not to mention it is releasing in less than two weeks!

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