Ganondorf. You know him. You’ve fought him. Constantly portrayed as the King of Thieves, the Dark Lord, so many monikers instilling fear, and you may have even come to love him as such. Trademarked by the Triforce of Power and that deep rumbling laugh that lets Link know he’s in for a fight of the ages, Ganondorf is one of the most iconic characters of the Zelda series. Yet he’s always been the enemy, and the one we know, in the end, despite what drove him to make the choices he did,we’d have to conquer to save Hyrule.

What if the tables turned? What if the Zelda universe had a game where players controlled the King of Evil, and fought to take over the land? The odds would suddenly be against us, and the challenges would become gathering troupes, taking the Triforce, infiltrating the castle, pulling the perfect coup, and most of all, taking down that little twerp and his legendary sword. I personally think that could be interesting, a new take on a story we’ve only ever seen from the side of “good.”

But what do you say? Would you be interested in tackling a Zelda game as Ganondorf? Let us know in the comments below!

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