First introduced in A Link to the Past, the Sages are powerful beings who serve as staunch allies to Link in his quest to defeat Ganondorf. Later installments like A Link Between Worlds and Wind Waker took great lengths to develop unique personalities for each of the Sages, defining them outside of their singular purpose to the story. From the spunky Irene to the kind Medli, the Sages are portrayed as true people with goals and dreams, so when they’re forced to leave their old lives behind because of the significance of their role has on Hyrule, it can be a heartbreaking moment.

It’s because of that sudden change that Saria my favorite Sage in the Zelda series. The important role she ended up playing in the story was wholly unexpected when I first played Ocarina of Time. I liked her sweet, supportive personality as Link’s childhood friend (plus her theme song is the best), and when her true purpose was revealed, I really appreciated the tragic angle that Saria and Link’s friendship took. Deep character development like this was pretty new back in the day, and it made me appreciate how devoted the writing was to fleshing out the Sages as real people. What about you? Who is your favorite Sage? Let us know in the comments!

Michaela El-Ters is an Original Content Editor at Zelda Informer. For more of her gushing over Saria and her catchy tune, check out her blog.

Feature art by bellhenge

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