Among my favorite aspects of Twilight Princess is how expertly its dungeons repurposed iconic locations from Ocarina of Time. Rather than rely solely on nostalgia, the Zelda team injected more than enough originality to distinguish these dungeons from their N64 counterparts. Suddenly, these beloved, yet all-too-familiar locales felt brand new again. The Lakebed Temple and Arbiter’s Grounds, especially, are such refreshing interpretations of their respective inspirations.

At this point, we’re all aware that many fans — myself included — would like to see more traditional dungeons in Breath of the Wild 2. That said, these days, I’m more interested in discussing the specific nature of these hypothetical dungeons. What themes should be featured? What types of bosses would you like to see within these temples? For this Daily Debate in particular, I’m curious — if you could pick only one pre-existing dungeon to be reimagined in Breath of the Wild 2, which one would you pick?

I know I’ve sung this dungeon’s praises countless times throughout the years, but I can’t help it — the Arbiter’s Grounds is where it’s at! Serving as a veritable tomb, it’s just such a masterful blend of two of my favorite aesthetics: Egyptian-inspired architecture and haunted houses. To see Breath of the Wild 2 take that concept even further would be an absolute joy. And given how creepy that first trailer was, I’d like to think at least one temple like that would feel right at home in this game.

Again, though, what about you? Which dungeon from a previous Zelda game would you like to see reinterpreted in Breath of the Wild’s world? Let us know in the comments below!

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