As The Legend of Zelda has evolved from pixels to polygons in its 30 plus year lifespan, a lot has evolved and a lot has remained the same. Link for example will always wield a sword of some description, or more recently an axe, a spear or even a soup ladle within Breath of the Wild. Whilst a vaster array of weapons were available, and the combat was more nuanced with split second flurry rushes and projectile deflection, and enemy battles against a rogue Lynel became impromptu boss battles, I found Breath of the Wild’s combat anything but compelling.

There were so many options, it should’ve been so engaging, but there simply wasn’t any reward for Moblin slaughter other than materials for elixirs or upgrades, and that just never seemed worth the time. I believe I’m one of few who really enjoyed the Wii motion plus driven combat of Skyward Sword. Swordplay felt like a battle of wits, especially against lithe and lurid Ghirahim, where stabs and horizontal slices were the way through. There was thought in combat, puzzles to solve in their own way. Even Twilight Princess’ sword techniques, which overlayed an aged combat system that mirrored Link’s very first 3D forays felt a lot more satisfying than stumbling into a Bokoblin camp.

All systems have their merit, like parrying in Wind Waker was particularly satisfying, but which did you feel worked especially well? What would you improve and what would you like to see in the next Zelda title? Let us know in the comments below!

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