Over the many years Zelda has been a franchise, the main hero himself has gone through almost as many changes! Though he’s always had generally the same discernible features, Link sometimes has wild variations in how he both appears and engages with the world around him. As a 2D sprite, he didn’t always have that much detail, but he was just as capable of defeating Ganon as the Hero of Twilight after him! Breath of the Wild not only gave us a new look at Link in various outfits (Tri Force Heroes also did this a couple years before), but also his ability to climb, jump, and dominate his opponents with new combat maneuvers.

Perhaps mystery is more your flavor? The Fierce Deity form of Link in Majora’s Mask gave us a nice throwback to Link’s grown up form in Ocarina of Time while still being completely different. Wearing what appears to be armor and wielding a wicked double-helix greatsword, there was no questioning this form of Link’s power. He even had pupil-less eyes! What more could you ask for?

Well that’s what we’re asking. What would your Ultimate form of the Hero of Hyrule be and why? What makes this version special and unique from all the rest? Let us know in the comments below!

This Daily Debate idea was suggested by Skip.

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