Each game in the Zelda series has a unique theme song that epitomizes the qualities of that game. Skyward Sword with Ballad of the Goddess, Breath of the Wild with the Champion’s Ballad, and Link’s Awakening with Ballad of the Windfish (lots of ballads) all stand out to me as beautifully composed songs that are iconic and memorable. While I enjoy all of these, it is my opinion that they are all beaten out of the top spot by a main theme that doesn’t play within its respective game or include a musical motif to tie it in.

Ocarina of Time‘s Title Theme, which also acts as its main theme, is my favorite theme song in the entire series. The song is incredibly nostalgic for me, but it also sounds sad and mournful, reflecting Link’s lost time during his seven year slumber after destiny dictated that “the boy without a fairy” would save the land. The visuals also make this song really effective and powerful as well, with Link wandering across the fields of Hyrule at daybreak with Epona seemingly without purpose. More so than any other theme song in the series, Ocarina of Time‘s Title Theme consistently makes me emotional to the point where I can’t listen to it for long periods of time since I start thinking about how we all grow up and, in a way, lose time in the same way Link does as well. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but this song consistently makes me reflect on so many things outside of the story Ocarina of Time did a great job of crafting, and I think that’s really impressive that this piece of music can conjure up so many emotions outside of the experiences of playing the game.

But what theme songs do this for you? What do you think is the best main theme in the Zelda games? Write your thoughts in the comments!

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