Each Zelda game is unique in it’s own way, adding it’s own twist on the mechanics or looks of the classic legend. Ocarina of Time saw it actualized into 3D, The Wind Waker allowed players to set sail, and Spirit Tracks took the adventure across rails. Skyward Sword in particular enabled Link to soar above the clouds of Hyrule. As Skyward Sword is at the beginning of the timeline, it is implied that Skyloft’s residents eventually move to the surface and establish the Kingdom of Hyrule. Aside from the Wind Tribe atop the clouds in The Minish Cap, society above the clouds would be likely abandoned.

Yet, those aren’t the only two titles that went “above and beyond” the clouds. One of the later dungeons of Twilight Princess, called City in the Sky, shows a ruined civilization inhabited by creatures called Oocca. While City in the Sky does not resemble Skyloft exactly, as Twilight Princess preceded Skyward Sword, it comes into question whether the two locations have a connection.

I believe that it is entirely possible for City in the Sky to be the ruins of Skyloft, as they both float miraculously above Hyrule. Additionally, Shad tells Link in Twilight Princess that the Oocca may be the “closest race to the gods”, implying ties to the Goddess Hylia and the creation of Hyrule. He also mentions that the ancient race created “a capital that floated in the heavensafter Hylia created the Hylians. Although presented as theories and speculations within Twilight Princess, I can’t help but think that the capital was Skyloft.

What do you think? Is Skyloft a former version of City in the Sky? Let us know in the comments below!

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