A couple days ago we saw, for the first time, gameplay of the new Zelda title coming for Wii U. We saw how the exploration will be, along with the new horse mechanics and many more new additions to the game. We also gained some information about the game’s release, but most important: the size of the new Hyrule. We could see that Aonuma spent some time to get to the point he marked on the map, even skipping sections of the footage he didn’t reached the tower. This could mean that the new world of the game is indeed big, but also it couldn’t be as big as some could expect, we can even see that the zoom in the map stops at a certain point, which leaves a giant square in the gamepad representing the map which could be all of it, or maybe just a portion of it.

Opinions have been fairly divided as to whether the actual size of the map could be good or bad. Some people prefer a relatively big map full of content, and others prefer a massive map with lots of places to go, enjoying the act of traveling for hours. In my opinion the map shown in The Game Awards was just right, it’s already the biggest I’ve seen in a Zelda game so far, so I’m happy with it, I hope to discover lot of hidden secrets, dungeons and more within the game, I want the game to feel alive, things like the horses we saw in the gameplay are something that makes the world feel natural and real. Also the story have to be consistent, something like Skyward Sword‘s level of story mixed with the gigantic map and exploration sytem of Zelda U would be perfect in my opinion. So the question remains: Are you satisfied with Zelda U‘s map size?

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