Custom Link Amiibo Figures

Screenshot_14Etsy and Imgur user Chibisilverwings has taken advantage of the recent release of the Amiibo Link figure, by customising two of them and making them look even cooler! Make the jump to check out two customized Link figures: a Dark Link and an Ocarina of Time blue tunic inspired Link.

The Amiibofigurines arrived in stores on the 21st and custom figures were quick to pop up on the internet. Chibisilverwings has created four customs: Two Links, a Villager and Pikachu. Here are some closer looks at the Link customs.



As you can see from the above pictures, the Dark Link is very reminiscent of Link’s alt costume in the Smash, whilst the Ocarina of Time inspired Link is garbed in his Zora tunic, Mirror shield and Iron boots from the game. The attention to detail on the Mirror shield is particularly impressive.

Chibisilverwings still has the Ocarina of Time Link available on her Etsy page, selling it for $45.

Do you like these Amiibo custom figurines? Which other Amiibo customizations would you like to see? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Imgur

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