Curiosity ShopWhassup people? Got a slightly special mailbag for you this week! This one, except for two questions, is all about Zelda Wii! E3 is drawing near, so there’ll be a lot more to see when they reveal more on the game then, but for now I’ll try to talk about it as much as possible.

The questions and their timestamps are:

(00:06) – Did you like Chancellor Cole in Spirit Tracks?
(00:34) – Do you like rolling in Zelda, and do you want it to be in Zelda Wii?
(01:08) – When Miyamoto said Zelda Wii will be easier, do you think he meant difficulty or accessibility?
(02:40) – Do you think they’re ever have a sequel to a Zelda game, like a Twilight Princess 2?
(03:29) – Do you think we will see Hidden Skills in Zelda Wii?
(04:43) – Do you think Nintendo will make a device like the WiiWheel or WiiZapper for Zelda Wii?
(06:14) – Will Zelda Wii have time travel like in Ocarina of Time?
(07:48) – Do you think the Master Swords will be important in Zelda Wii or will we have a new sword?
(09:56) – What does Nintendo have to do to make another game as revolutionary as Ocarina of Time?

Be sure to send your questions to for next week’s mailbag.

So, as usual, what about you guys? Did you like Chancellor Cole or find him annoying? And what are your thoughts on Zelda Wii? Of all these questions, how much do you agree and do you think we’ll see any of these things?

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